Covid19: Corrupt Immigration Officials Warned

President Museveni has issued a strong warning to immigration and police personnel who take bribes and allow illegal immigrants into the country, that they will be charged with murder or attempted murder.

“The corrupt and Police personnel that in exchange for bribery allow strangers to enter Uganda illegally; security is going to strengthen the counter intelligence efforts to eliminate corruption in our forces and anybody found guilty will face the charge of murder or attempted murder because you are allowing people who could bring a disease which could kill Ugandans,” Museveni warned yesterday.

Museveni on the other hand applauded the LC1s and the villagers saying that they are vigilant and cannot allow a stranger to hide among them.

“I trust the LCs, they will not allow anyone to come to their villages because they do it in their own interest. But the real danger are the corrupt police and Immigration.”

After extending the Covid19 lockdown for 21 more days, Museveni said emphasis will be put on the cargo trucks, their drivers and crews, and the crews on the cargo trains and planes, the UN workers who are allowed in and out of Uganda and the health workers treating patients.

The truck drivers and the crews will be compulsorily tested at the border. They will not have to wait for the results but rather continue with their journey and the outcomes of the tests be communicated to them later.

In the country, trucks transiting or destined inside will only stop at designated points within.

“These truck drivers are not supposed to go wherever they want. They should only go to designated points and they should be monitored to ensure they don’t demean,” Museveni ordered.


The crews on cargo planes that fly into the country will be accommodated in designated hotels.

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