Covid19: Bus, Taxi Parks Introduce Mandatory Hand Washing Facilities

Following the confirmation of COVID 19 case in Uganda on Sunday morning and President Museveni’s advice to people to stop using public means of transport as a measure to contain the spread of the virus; taxi and bus parks have introduced mandatory hand washing facilities for whoever enters the park.

Today, ChimpReports visited various taxi and bus parks to ascertain whether or not taxi and bus operators have introduced any measures to protect the travellers.

At old taxi park, we found mandatory hand washing facilities at each of the entrances of the park.

People who for some reasons refuse to be hand washed are stopped from entering the park.

Ashraf Ssewanyana who was at one of the entry points of old taxi park told Chimpreports that similar measures have been availed at Usafi taxi park.

“We work in both parks (Usafi and old taxi park) because some of the taxis that were ordered out of old taxi park went to Usafi.”

Ssewanyana added that forcing people to wash hands before entering the park will not only protect the lives of the passengers but also drivers and conductors.

“If we don’t disinfect people, infections may invade our job and in the end we are stopped from working. Therefore, the management of the park did this for smooth running of our business and protecting passengers.”


Ssewanyana applauded the city managing body, Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) for spearheading the initiative.

After old taxi park, we proceeded to Kisenyi Bus Terminal to find out whether the management has in place any measures to stop the spread of COVID 19.

At the entrance, the first mandatory requirement was hand washing.

Mr Saturday Muhwezi, the Manager Kisenyi Bus Terminal told Chimpreports at the any of the entry points of the park, there are hand washing facilities which we confirmed.

“For us in our terminal, at any of the entry points we have sanitizers, water and soap. In fact, we had 11 entry points but we were forced to reduce them to 4 which we can manage well to ensure that whoever enters the terminal washes their hands first.”

“We also instructed bus managers to make sure that there is a sanitizer at any bus that is loading. Before a passenger enters the bus, they must first wash their hands,” said Muhwezi.

Coronavirus first emerged in China’s City of Wuhan in Hubei Province on 31st December 2019 before spreading the world.

On March 11th 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus declared COVID 19 pandemic.

Today, Italy is the epicentre of COVID 19 given the overwhelming number of deaths and confirmed cases of the infection.

Iran is worst hit in the Middle East while South Africa, Egypt and Algeria are the worst hit on the African continent.

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