Covid19: Buganda Kingdom Closes Offices

The Buganda kingdom government has decided to close its offices as one of the ways to implement the recent Presidential directives on the COVID19 pandemic.

Addressing the media at Bulange, Mengo yesterday, Buganda Prime Minister Charles Peter Mayiga revealed that all employees have been sent home until the situation normalizes.

“We are going to close Kabaka’s government from today up to 14th April or in line with the any revision that may be made by the Central Government,” he said

Mayiga added that after 14 days., they expect to re-open the offices with only crucial staff

The premier also asked all Ugandans to respect the Presidential directives on the pandemic and also warned against politicizing the current situation.

“We don’t need politics in the fight against Coronavirus, I have heard several people accusing one another of putting in place measures which will affect their votes.”

For those with signs and symptoms of COVID 19, Mayiga advised them to visit the medical facilities in time in order to get early medication and avoid infecting other Ugandans.

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