Covid-19: Truck Drivers Association Issues Tough Guidelines

Haulage Truckers Uganda, an umbrella Association of heavy truck drivers in Uganda on Sunday issued strict guidelines to its members to follow in order to avoid contracting and spreading the deadly corona virus.

The guidelines were issued by the body’s chairperson Mr Swalleh Abdulahi in a communique he released to all transport companies and drivers in Uganda.

According to Mr Swalleh, “The body is closely following the prevailing threat of coronavirus especially in the East African region; and truck drivers being the group of people at risk of getting infected due to their nature of work that entails travelling all the time, we have come up with precautionary guidelines that I advise all drivers to follow strictly.”

Among them, transport companies are to provide drivers with hand sanitizers and protective material such as face masks that drivers can use wherever they travel and also wash their hands frequently.

“Stop shaking hands, this is a common practice with drivers, and also avoid sleeping with sex workers at border and stop over points because it is very dangerous as you could not know their corona viral status,” Swalleh emphasised.

The chairman also highlighted avoiding to carry unauthorised passengers and to keep their trucks free from any other intruders.

Drivers with trucks whose air conditioning systems are working, drive while your windows are raised and make use of the air conditioners,” he added.

He further urged them to avoid crowds noting that drivers have a tendency of gathering in groups while they retire along the different highway spots.


President Museveni in an effort to limit the spread of coronavirus, issued directives to close all borders to passengers but left window for only cargo trucks and planes.

According to the President, only three crew members will be allowed on such trucks and aeroplanes because they are easy to monitor.

The presidential directives have already been actualized as reports obtained by ChimpReports indicate that health teams have been deployed at borders to screen all truck drivers.

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