COVID-19 Recoveries Rise to 161 as Museveni Expresses Displeasure Over Negative Cases being Declared Positive

The Ministry of Health on Thursday discharged 41 COVID-19 patients from Gulu and Arua Regional Referral Hospitals after they tested negative twice for COVID-19 bringing the total number of COVID-19 recoveries in Uganda to 161.

The discharge of patients was presided over by State Minister for Primary Health Care Dr. Joyce Moriku Kaducu.

“A total of 41 patients who were positive for COVID-19 have recovered, tested negative twice for COVID-19 after treatment, and been discharged from Gulu and Arua Regional Referral Hospitals,” the Health Ministry announced.

Despite the success, President Museveni, while addressing Parliament virtually at the budget reading on Thursday expressed displeasure over a number of COVID-19 cases that were declared positive for COVID-19 at one of the laboratories at Makerere yet they were negative.

Museveni tasked the Ministry of Health to clarify.

“We currently have 679 positive cases of COVID-19. But these include people who were declared positive when they were not. This was done by a group of careless people at one of the labs at Makerere. This was quickly discovered and fresh tests done. Ministry of Health should clarify,” said Museveni.

The Ministry of Health on Thursday confirmed 14 new COVID-19 cases from 2,321 samples tested on Wednesday bringing the total number of confirmed cases in Uganda to 679.

In a statement issued by Dr. Henry Mwebesa, the Director-General Health Services in the Ministry of Health, six (6) of the new COVID-19 confirmed cases are from points of entry while eight (8) are from contacts and alerts.


“11th June 2020, the Ministry of Health confirms fourteen (14) new COVID-19 cases from 2,321 samples tested on 10th June 2020. The total confirmed COVID-19 cases in Uganda are now 679,” announced Dr. Mwebesa.

Six (6) of the new cases were among 1,260 samples tested from the points of entry while eight (8) were among 1,061 samples from contacts and alerts.

Of the new cases, 3 were truck drivers who arrived from South Sudan via Elegu border point, 2 are from Tanzania who arrived via Mutukula border and 1 is also a truck driver who arrived through Lamwo districts.

The other 8 new cases are contacts and alerts to previously confirmed cases. They include 3 from Kampala who were under quarantine at the time of test, 2 from Amuru district, 2 from Dokolo, and 1 from Moyo district.

Additionally, 30 foreign truck drivers (19 Kenyans, 8 Tanzanians, 2 Eritreans, and 1 Burundian) who tested positive for COVID-19 were handed back to their respective countries of origin.

In an effort to contain the widespread of COVID-19 in Uganda, the First Deputy Prime Minister Gen Moses Ali on Wednesday launched the mass distribution of face masks at the Ministry of Health in Kampala.

The free high-quality masks provided by Government will be given to all Ugandans above the age of 6 years beginning with border areas that have led to a rapid increase of COVID-19 cases in Uganda.

It is mandatory for every Ugandan to put on a mask while in public.

Currently, Uganda has a total of 679 COVID-19 confirmed cases, 161 recoveries, and no fatalities.

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