Covid-19 Prevention is An Individual Responsibility – Health Ministry’s Ainebyoona

The Ministry of Health Public Relations Officer, Emmanuel Ainebyoona, has urged the public to take up the sole responsibility of safeguarding their lives during the fight against covid-19.

Ainebyoona stressed that Ugandans have a full responsibility to ensure that they are safe, since the Ministry of Health, the government and other stakeholders have played their role.

“Covid-19 is an individual responsibility. It is up to you to decide whether to get it or not. As Ministry of Health and government, we have done our part to tell you how the disease spreads, how it’s evolving and what you can do to prevent it,” said Ainebyoona.

He said that the surging number of cases is largely attributed to non adherence to the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) put in place by the Ministry.

Ainebyoona quashed the propaganda surrounding the insignificance and non existence of the virus. It should be noted that a section of Ugandans thought, and some made up theories, that the virus doesn’t exist.

“Anyone who still thinks that covid-19 does not exist has a problem and would need to seek attention at the nearest mental clinic. Bigger countries all over the world like USA have registered deaths beyond what you can believe,” he said.

He also said that he has friends who have been admitted at Mulago with signs and symptoms of covid-19, and as such, people shouldn’t think that Covid-19 is just a fallacy.

“We need to ensure that we follow the Ministry of Health guidelines like proper wearing of face masks, proper hand hygiene and keeping a social distance,” he noted.


Currently, 44 districts and 16 million people have acquired face masks from the government and the process is still ongoing.

As more media reports continue to show violation of the health guidelines by some of the leaders, Ainebyoona encouraged people to continue following the measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

“We shouldn’t use such incidences as excuses not to adhere to the covid-19 preventive guidelines. I am glad there is now a multi-sectoral task force that is following up with enforcement and compliance,” he said.

He also said that a number of people have been put into custody for violating the covid-19 measures, which should serve as a warning for everybody.

Ainebyoona further gave a breakdown of the SOPs; including those developed by government and government agencies, ministries and departments, workplaces, markets, restaurants, public transport, people using private cars and at household level.

He advised that in a household, those who have flue like symptoms need to be isolated and ensure that they reach out to health facilities so that they are tested for covid-19 as early as possible.

He said that currently, there is no drug that can cure covid-19, however, locally and internationally, scientists are under taking various studies to come up with the vaccine. Trials on potential drugs for the treatment are ongoing.

“By the end of the year, Uganda will be embarking on trials of the already available vaccines from the UK or any other vaccine that would be recommended for trials by WHO. Locally, our scientists are working on various protocols concerning the vaccine,” he said.


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