Covid-19: NWSC Receives Aid to Cover Stressed Areas

National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) and MTN Uganda have joined hands to provide 23 bulk water points as part of an initiative by NWSC and partnering companies to install a total of 100 water points aimed at supplying water to water stressed areas of Kampala during the Coronavirus (COV19) outbreak.

The areas to benefit from the water points include those areas at the periphery of the water supply network which currently receive intermittent supply or no water at all. Each of the 100 water points will be installed with a 10,000 liters capacity water tank that will supply water at the official NWSC public tap tariff of Shs 25 per 20 liters jerry can.

Whereas Kampala Water is currently able to produce 240 million liters of water per day, peak demand is 300 million liters per day. To bridge this shortfall, NWSC is currently undertaking the construction of a 240 million liter per day capacity water treatment plant in Katosi to the East of Kampala.

The first phase to be completed in January 2021 will deliver 160 million liters of water per day to the greater Kampala supply network.

The partnership with MTN will provide short term relief to NWSC customers in water stressed areas as NWSC undertakes the completion of the Katosi Water Treatment Plant. MTN has provided Shs220 million towards the partnership.

Under the partnership, the NWSC will install 23 bulk water points and purchase a water bowser that will be used to ensure regular supply of water to these water points.

This initiative has received support from other corporate companies under the CEO forum with Roofings Uganda Ltd contributing Shs100M towards the same cause. Over 30,000 households will benefit from this joint water supply intervention.

The areas to benefit include Kyengera (Nagalabi-Kisozi), Wakiso-Kikoro, Mukono-Kasenge, Seeta (Kagala-Bukelele), Kyaliwajjala, Kijabijo, Kiteezi, Kiryagonja (Bulindo-Kira-Nsasa-Kilyamuli), Matugga-Buwuzume, Bulenga-Ganda-Bulenga, Kyebando Central, Gayaza, Nateete, Upper Nalumunye, Nansana, Kireka-Kamuli, Wakiso-Ssenge, Nansana-Gganda, Namagoma, Mukono-Nakapinyi, Ndejje-Ggangu, Najjanankumbi-Kitiko among other areas.


“We are grateful for this partnership with MTN Uganda and Roofings Uganda during this COVID-19 outbreak where water is a critical input in the prevention of infection and spread of the virus.

NWSC is committed to provide water for all during this sensitive period,” NWSC MD Dr. Eng Silver Mugisha said.

Commenting on this initiative, the MTN Uganda Chief Executive Officer – Wim Vanhelleputte, said that this partnership alongside several others implemented in the effort to fight covid-19, are a demonstration of the brand’s commitment to support Ugandan’s in our hour of need.

“MTN believes that the resilience of communities is strongest when people work together. That is why MTN, working through institutions like NWSC, is supporting the delivery of much needed water to underserved areas in the fight to avert a covid-19 pandemic in the country.”

Eng. Mugisha appreciated the unwavering support from MTN Uganda throughout the years.

“MTN Uganda has come at the most critical time to boost NWSC build infrastructure capacity to serve the unserved. Through the initiative, our people will get water at 25shs per jerry-can at public stand post rate which is way below our production cost of 60shs per jerry can. Our tariff is a cross subsidised tariff. I there urge customers to clear bills when they get them to enable NWSC maintain the level of service and efficiency ” he said

He added that NWSC is on target to complete a new water works in the Eastern part of Kampala at Katosi. The plant when completed (by early 2021) will add over 160million litres of water per day into Kampala service area and address the demand for services in the city up to the year 2040

At the same event, Roofings Group representative, Nashila Lalani handed over a dummy cheque of 100M towards the same initiative.

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