COVID-19: Museveni to Address Uganda Today as Health Ministry Warns of Full Blown Community Transmissions

President Museveni will this Monday provide a situational report to the nation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, Chimp Corps report.

“President Kaguta Museveni will address the country today, Monday, at 8 pm, giving an update on the country’s fight against COVID-19 and related issues,” said the presidential spokesperson, Don Wanyama, adding, “Catch address on TVs and radio.”

Uganda remains in partial lockdown as a measure to contain the novel virus that has ravaged economies across the world.

Museveni has maintained a night curfew and lock on arcades to minimise the spread of COVID-19.

However, enforcing social distancing in many towns across the country remains a nightmare.

The Ministry of Health on Sunday sounded a strong warning to Ugandans that the country was likely to enter the deadly stage four of COVID-19 which is largely attributed to complacency in abiding by the health guidelines.

Currently, Uganda is in stage three, meaning the country is having clusters of transmission in the communities.

Uganda moved from stage two where it registered sporadic cases.



Addressing the country about COVID-19 on Sunday, Health Minister, Dr Jane Ruth Aceng warned that Ugandans have become complacent due to the drop in the number of daily cases and no registration of any COVID-19 related death.

“Now we have transitioned from sporadic cases to clusters. That is where we are, stage 3 and this is clearly shown in the number of districts that we talk about every day. The fact that the number of cases reported has dropped doesn’t mean the pandemic has gone away,” she said.

As a result, she warned, the carelessness of Ugandans will make the country move to stage four which is full blown community transmission.

“Don’t relax and think because we are reporting 8 cases, 9 cases, the situation is getting better, no. The pandemic is evolving. It is therefore very important that we quickly respond to the hotspot areas to contain the epidemic growing out of proportion in those areas. At this time, everyone is supposed to respond intensively so that we contain the outbreak. If we don’t, the result will be movement to stage 4 which is full blown community transmission,” she warned.

“From the situation and from our observation now, Ugandans have forgotten. Earlier on in the pandemic, Ugandans were excessively vigilant. So vigilant that we even recorded hand washing as having improved from 23% to 86%. Right now from the records we are receiving even hand washing has gone down to 56%. Ugandans have become excessively complacent.”

She noted that unless a vaccine is discovered, people must remain extremely vigilant.

“As His Excellency (Museveni) said, death will occur. As the numbers keep on building up, please remember that the health workers also get fatigued. There will be less attention provided to a patient by medics,” the Minister emphasised.

“We see a reluctance in putting on the masks. We know it is not easy but it is a preventive measure that you must get used to as long there is no vaccine, get used to the mask.”

Results from samples tested on 20 June 2020 confirmed 7 new COVID-19 cases. Total confirmed cases are now 770.

Regarding reports that government was planning another lockdown, Aceng said such measures don’t stop transmission but rather help in suppressing the rate of transmission and facilitate preparedness.

The Minister said Namboole Stadium has been prepared to deal with a higher number of cases is the situation deteriorates.

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