COVID-19: Museveni: Govt Preparing 40,000 Beds at Namboole Stadium

The Government is preparing up to 40,000 beds mostly at Namboole stadium to treat COVID-19 patients as the number of confirmed cases increase on a daily basis.
The revelation was made by President Museveni while delivering his Heroes’ Day speech at State House Entebbe on Tuesday.

As Government scales up the treating capacity, Museveni said people in the Ministry of Health had planned for 9,000 beds but he instead ordered to prepare 40,000 beds and use Namboole to treat patients.
“So we are going to use the whole of Namboole. The space is being prepared… if necessary treat the big numbers,” said Museveni.
Currently, Uganda has a total number of 657 COVID-19 confirmed cases, 103 recoveries and no fatalities.

Meanwhile, Museveni expressed concern over most Ugandans’ failure to adhere to measures he communicated while partially lifting the lockdown.
Some of the measures include public vehicles to carry a half of their carrying capacity and mandatory wearing of face masks.
“When I pass through the town, people are not bothered. They say after all nobody has died so they are not bothered. When you die, don’t say Museveni has not told us,” said the President.
”There is nothing we have not told you. It is as if it is the work of the police to be the ones to save you from dying. Why should it be the work of the Police? It should be yourself. You should be the ones policing yourselves,” said Museveni.
He noted that because Uganda has not registered any COVID-19 related deaths, people are just lousy.
Museveni Uganda was yet to register fatalities because the number of COVID-19 patients in hospitals is not out of hand.
“I appeal to you Ugandans, for those whose activities we have opened up, please observe social distancing.  Please, I beg you for the sake of your safety, put on the mask all the time, clean the surfaces in the offices, don’t touch yourself in the eyes, mouth and nose,” he said.
Museveni said the distribution of masks to all Ugandans above the age of 6 will begin tommorow Wednesday as he recently promised.
“From tommorow, they will start distributing Government masks. Even if you have your own mask, the Government will give you it’s own.The Government masks have been made in the factory and they are of a good quality,” Museveni added.
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