Covid-19: Judiciary Amends Guidelines on Execution Proceedings, Orders

The Acting Chief Justice Alfonse Owiny Dollo has made some amendments to regulations which were issued earlier by former Chief Justice for execution orders during the Covid-19 lockdown period.

In the amendments, Court has been allowed to resume operations on applications for execution but this will be done in line with the Presidential directives and  Ministry of Health guidelines.

“Courts shall entertain all applications for execution and court orders in line with the guidelines issued by Chief Justice earlier on May 27, 2020.”

The amendments are, among others;

  • At any given time, not more than 10 people in bigger halls and 4 people in smaller courts shall appear before a Judicial officer,” reads the notice.
  • All judicial and non Judicial officers must at all times wear face masks while in court premises.
  • All judicial officers and non Judicial officers, advocates and litigants shall undergo SOPs of temperature measurement and hand sanitizing before accessing court premises.
  • One person at a time will be served in court Registry with others waiting outside while observing social distancing.
  • During this period, no warrant of arrest will be issued against any party in execution of a court order.

This comes a day after the Deputy Registrar, His worship Deo Nzeyimana was suspended for acting against earlier directives of the Chief Justice for the Covid-19 lockdown period.


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