COVID-19: ACP Muleterwa Calls for Community Based Policing along Border Lines

The head of the community policing department in the Uganda Police Force ACP Anatoli Muleterwa has called upon local authorities in Kigezi region to work hand in hand with the security agencies as a way of fighting against the spread of COVID-19 along the border areas.

Muleterwa, who was in company of the Superintendent of Police Okiino Cyprian, made the call as he met the local leaders and heads of security at the border lines of Bunagana, Cyanika, Katuna and Mirama hills Kikagati and Mutukula respectively.

“We realized that the only way to prevent COVID-19 and enforce presidential directives is by mobilizing the community and their leaders, organizing and sensitizing them on issues of how to prevent the spread of COVID-19, set up vigilance, alertness on borders and partnering up to fight other general crimes,” Muleterwa said in a statement.

He added that when they invigorate and mobilize the community through their local leaders and business communities, they will be able to overcome most of the challenges.

“In that way, we will be able to overcome all the challenges affecting effective implementation of the presidential directives and Ministry of Health standard operating procedures along border lines,” Muleterwa added.

He noted that if the above is observed, there will be control of illegal border movements.

“We call for cooperation in this fight against the virus as it’s one of the pillars of community policing,” he said.

He further noted that the local leaders have accepted to support the police through sharing of information, patrolling with the police and its sister security agencies.


“We have also gone ahead to call upon our police officers to ensure that they supervise, guide, empower and seek for community support. By doing so, they will be so proactive which can only be a success if we are more interactive, open and be vigilant,” he said.


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