Covid 19: 268 Foreign Nationals Repatriated from Uganda

Despite the current restriction of movement and closure of all borders, a total of 268 foreign nationals were on Saturday repatriated from Uganda to their respective countries.

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and immigration Jacob Siminyu told reporters on Monday.

“On Saturday 17th April at Entebbe International airport we managed to clear two flights which were repatriating foreign nationals,” he said.

One of the flights, Ethiopian Airlines had 221 people onboard and was heading to Oslo and Stockholm in Norway and Sweden respectively.

The second aircraft, Rwanda Air which repatriated 47 people including 2 infants headed to various destinations including UK, Philippines and Japan.


On 21th March, President Museveni ordered the closure of all Ugandan borders and a shutdown of Entebbe International airport.

Only cargo planes and cargo vehicles were exempted to enter and leave Uganda.


Despite cargo vehicles having an exemption to continue entering the country, Siminyu said there is increase in cases of truck drivers reporting to the check points claiming that they lost their travel documents.

This, the ministry says will not be tolerated.

“I would like to inform you that we are having an increase in truck drivers reporting that they have lost their travel documents while approaching the border,” said Siminyu.

“We will not allow anyone entering the country in possession of a letter indicating that they lost their travel documents.”

So far 1 Somali and 3 Tanzanian drivers have been

Meanwhile, Siminyu told reporters that a forgery case has been reported and the suspect handed over to the Police.

“We have had one case of forgery and we are dealing with it. We have handed the driver and his crew to the Police for investigation. So, we are not going to entertain any documents that are not proper,” he said.


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