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Court to Sentence Abusive Maid Today

City Hall Court will Wednesday give a ruling in a case in which a 22-year-old maid was caught on spy cameras torturing a baby in Kampala.

Jolly Tumuhiirwe’s brutality touched off a huge public outcry for justice.

While appearing before City Hall Grade one magistrate Moses Nabende, adiposity link Tumuhiirwe admitted torturing 18-months-old Arnella Kamanzi before begging for mercy from parents of the baby.

She further asked the angered nation: “It was an error on my part. I request the whole country to forgive me. This will not happen again.”

The state prosecutor, visit this Jolly Tushabe, requested court for more time to produce more witnesses and facts to expose Tumuhiirwe’s brutality.

Nabende set today as the judgement day.

The development came after Police released more investigation findings indicating that the infamous maid had a history of torturing babies.

Speaking at a press conference at the police headquarters in Naguru a fortnight ago, Police’s Director of Criminal Investigations Grace Akullo said Tumuhiirwe brutalized children of her former employees as well.


The suspect was last month secretly filmed battering baby Arnella, a clip that went viral majorly on social media, sparking nationwide public anger.

The graphic footage, which is taken from a camera hidden in the corner of the living room, shows the woman thumping the little girl when she resists feeding and then throwing her to the floor, beating her with a torch, before stepping on her and kicking her.

“We are proceeding with the investigations and just recently we discovered that Tumuhiirwe had actually lived and worked as a maid in Kampala for some time,” said Akullo.

At her previous employers, whose details police refused to divulge, Tumuhirwe is said to have thrown out and abandoned another toddler in a raging downpour.

The baby was reportedly found shivering in the rain by her patients who were compelled to immediately sack the maid.

“The angry maid perhaps didn’t expect that her master was coming back, so she threw the little child out in the rain, where the mother found it. That’s how she left before joining the Kamanzis.”

Akullo noted that police are making further background checks whose details would be availed in the subsequent briefs.

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