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Court Throws Out 3 Petitions Including FDC’s Odo Tayebwa

It all started Friday morning as Tito Turiyo (FDC) was challenging Hon. Steven Kangwagye (NRM) and Electoral Commission in Bukanga constituency in Isingiro district.

Turiyo opposed the February electoral results for Bukanga constituency claiming they were marred by a number of irregularities.

Turiyo Tito (FDC) a former candidatefor Bukanga constituency MP
Turiyo Tito (FDC) a former candidatefor Bukanga constituency MP also lost the petition.

However Justice Lwanga dismissed the case with costs saying the witnesses did not prove to court that irregularities were observed both on Election Day and after in Bukanga constituency Isingiro district.

An excited Kangwagye, drugs after the ruling promised to cooperate, symptoms unite and work with all the people of Bukanga.

However Turiyo disputed the court ruling saying he had been denied justice. He promised to go ahead and file an appeal to which request Justice Lwanga agreed since he (Turiyo) is entitled to a right to justice in courts of law.

Court would later be adjourned for 40 minutes before ruling on the case where former candidate for Bushenyi district Chairperson, Paul Kahigi contests the results that saw his opponent Jaffari Bassajabalaba elected into office.

Kahigi claimed that on polling day, Bassajabalaba flashed a lot of money amounting to voter bribery which according to him was unconstitutional.

However court ruled that Kahigi did not provide sufficient proof to court and as a result, Justice Lwanga asked court to dismiss the case with costs.


On the afternoon of the same day, court also dismissed  with costs another petition filed by Odo Tayebwa (FDC) against Hon. Gordon Kakuma Arinda (NRM) and Electoral Commission in Ishaka Municipality.

Hon. Kakuma the current MP for Ishaka Municipality told Chimpreports that no one was beaten during elections as his complainant claimed in court and was happy with the judge’s decision.

“We are going on the ground to work for our voters, without segregating against who voted me or not. Am ready to work for the people of Bushenyi” he said.

Odo Tayebwa who has lost the petition
Former Ishaka Municipality MP Odo Tayebwa who lost the petition speaks to journalists after court ruling on Friday

However, Tayebwa accused the judge of being compromised saying he (judge) did not evaluate the evidence. He said some of affidavits were scrapped off which is contradicting.

Tayebwa too revealed that he would appeal the ruling.

Odo Tayebwa who formerly occupied the same seat had been the only Opposition legislator in Ankole Sub-region. He was elected in Parliament in 20012 through a by election after the then MP for Ishaka Municipality Nasser Basajjabalaba (NRM) was thrown out of Parliament. Basajjabalaba had been ejected on grounds that he violated the electoral laws by bribing voters.


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