Court Sets Hearing Date for Pre-trial of Kisenyi Terror Suspects

High Court Judge Justice Elizabeth Nahamya has set the 26th September for the start the pre-hearing of
the case where 8 people of Somali origin are facing charges of Aiding and abetting terrorism as well as belonging to terrorism groups of Alshabab and Al Qaeda before international war crimes court of Uganda.

The 8 who were arrested two years back today appeared in court amidst tight security ready for pre trial of their case, order only for the State Prosecution side led by Senior State Attorney Recheal Bikole to inform court that they were not ready to proceed.

Bikole said, capsule they needed time to meet the defense counsels physically to settle a number of pending issues.

On their part, the defense counsels led by Edwin Tabalo asked court to consider hearing of the bail application of two of their clients since they have been able to prepare all required documents and sureties required.

The pre-trial judge ordered the international war crimes court registrar to fix the bail application before the trial judge so that it can be heard by next week.

In the pre trial, the two sides are expected to disclose the evidence that is going to be used in pinning the accused persons, to agree on elements of the offence, determining on the agreed facts of the case
as well as marking all exhibits to be used in the main trial and also discussing the security of witnesses and victims.

The Acussed persons are Muahmad Abdul Kadir, Abdul Abdulahi Botaan, Hassan Abdul Wali Mahmood, Muhammad Ahmed Cele, Yusuf Osman, Abdu Ali, Abdul Kadir and Muhammad Yusuf Farah.

Prosecution alleges that in September 2014 in various places in Uganda, Kenya and Somalia the accused persons and others at large aided and abetted terrorism when they rendered support to Alshabaab knowing that the support will be applied in connection and commission of terrorism offences.

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