Court Orders UPDF To Produce Detained Civilian

High Court has issued a harbeas corpus order to the Chief of Defense Forces, requiring the UPDF to produce one Ubuntu Enock, who is alleged to have been detained beyond the constitutionally stipulated period without trial.

“It’s hereby ordered that a writ of habeas corpus ad subjudicedum is issued directed to the Chief of Defense Forces to have the body of Ubuntu Enock produced before Justice Lydia Mugambe on 22nd January 2019 to show the case why he should not be released.” ordered the court registrar.

In October this  year Agaba Jacob, the brother of Ubuntu, through his lawyers of Semwanga Muwazi and Company Advocates  dragged government to  court seeking unconditional release of his brother or an order to security organs to produce his brother dead or alive before any competent court of law

In the documents before High Court’s civil division, Agaba claims that ever since Ubuntu was arrested they have never seen him again despite the endless efforts to find him.

The applicant asked for court intervention alleging that the continued incarceration of his brother in an unknown detention center, without being taken to any competent court of law is contrary to the laws with in the constitution of the Republic of Uganda

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