Court Orders Prisons to Produce Kabaziguruka

High court judge Justice Patricia Basazze has issued a production warrant to Kigo Prisons requiring them to produce Nakawa Municipality MP Michael Kabaziguruka in court on Friday 26th August, cialis 40mg for hearing of the petition where he is challenging being tried in court Martial yet he is a civilian.

Kabaziguruka was expected in court today but this wasn’t possible as the Prison was reportedly not served with production warrant.

The application seeking court to issue production order was presented to court by Kabaziguruka’s lawyer Rwadslaus Rwakafuuzi.

In court the respondent was represented by Principle Attorney George Kalemera, viagra order Director of Public Prosecution Lt Ambrose Baguma.

Kabaziguruka, treat through his lawyers petitioned High court challenging his trial on treason charges in court martial yet he is a civilian.

Kabaziguruka later on expressed his worry that the court martial whose members are elected by the Commander in Chief ‘President’ can’t deliver justice in this trial.

The MP was remanded to Kigo prisons after being charged alongside 23 others with treason charges in Makindye General court martial chaired by Lt Gen Andrew Gutti.

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