Court Orders Medical Examination for Susan Magara Murder Suspects

High court judge Jane Francis Abodo has ordered the Prisons authority to allow the eight people accused of kidnapping and murdering Ms. Suzan Magara to be examined by private doctors on allegations of torture.

“I order the Prisons authority to allow the accused person access to private medical examination at their own cost in their various places of detention under the supervision of departmental doctors,” the judge ruled Thursday.

The ruling followed an application filed in this court by the accused persons through their lawyers led by Isaac Ssemakadde seeking an order to be examined to prove torture claims, and to get medical attention from a private medical facility of their choice.

Before this ruling, the state prosecutor Harriet Adwong had asked court to dismiss the application on grounds that it was not properly brought before court.

“We find the application not properly before this court because all the applicants were examined,  whereby one Bob Kibirango among them was examined by Dr Kato a private Doctor from Iran medical center and the rest by a Police surgeon,” she said.

In reply however, the applicants’ lawyer Isaac Ssemakade informed court that Bob Kibirango who is said to have been examined was not among the accused before court.

He also dismissed the state’s argument that the suspects were examined by police doctors, noting that the constitution gives all detained persons a right to medical access including their personal doctors.

“Applicants condemn in the strongest terms possible the tone taken by the learned state Attorney that they are engaging in waste of time by crying crocodile tears in court.”


The suspects were remanded back to Luzira prisons amidst tight security.

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