Court Orders Attachment of Kazinda’s Property as He Gets 15 More Years in Jail

Anti-corruption High Court judge Margret Tibulya has ordered the state to attach assets belonging to former Principal Accountant in office of Prime Minister Geoffrey Kazinda valued at 4.6 billion shillings after being convicted of three counts of illicit enrichment

The assets which will be attached include cars as well as plots of land in Bukoto, Kampala district

On Friday Tibulya convicted Kazinda after evaluating prosecution evidence and concluding that the accused did commit the alleged offences.

The judge faulted Kazinda for not being remorseful to the extent that he insisted of maintaining the wealth he acquired through dubious means.

“Court cannot allow convicts to enjoy fruits of their criminal conducts, it will turn criminal prosecution into money laundering forums.”

Although Kazinda had asked for non-custodial sentence on grounds that he had already served eight years on related charges, court emphasized a custodial sentence was inevitable

“Considering the five years period the convict has spent on remand over this case he will serve 5yrs for count one, 5 years for count two and 5 years for the third count. Being that the sentences will run consecutively, he will serve 15 years in jail.”

On top of this, Kazinda was disqualified from holding public office for a period of 10 years


According to the prosecution, Kazinda between 2009 and 2012 was in possession of Government funds which he spent luxuriously to rent rooms at Sheraton Hotel Kampala for ten months, purchased four cars at 769 million shillings and land valued at 3.6 billion shillings.

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