Court of Appeal Judges Move to Have Justice Kavuma Interdicted

Chief Justice Bart Katureebe has been petitioned by what appears to be judges at the Court of Appeal, cost to immediately interdict the head of this court and Deputy Chief Justice Stephen Kavuma, discount to force him to return government property and have his security ‘normalized.’

These accuse Justice Kavuma of devoting his career to “only pleasing government” and sitting on scores of important court cases.

The judges through an anonymous whistle blower told Katureebe in their petition that they are willing if called upon, price to testify against Kavuma, so long as they remain anonymous.

They want the Deputy Chief interdicted for what they call “incompetence, failing to make judgments, delaying justice, stopping justice and safeguarding the image of the Court of Appeal.”

“I pray that Justice Kavuma is interdicted with immediate effect in accordance with sections F (8) and 25 (2) of the Public Service Standing Orders and Judicial Regulations (2015) respectively, pending further investigations against him,” wrote the whistle blower.

Kavuma is being accused of causing enormous case back log at the Court of Appeal and the Constitutional Court, by ‘leaving the rulings hanging for ever’

“When (he) is on the panel of three (judges) in the Court of Appeal, normally the other two justices write their judgments and send them to him and he sits on them. He never makes rulings unless it is a controversial ruling like stopping parliament from investing corruption matters. This is done to always please government,” read the petition.

“The judges of the Court of Appeal are willing and ready to testify to this provided their identities are concealed for their own security. Their work has been made miserable due to Justice Kavuma…and the community is thus not happy with judges in Court of Appeal.”


According to the petitioners, Justice Kavuma is in his office illegally, considering that there was concealment of the report on his appointment.

The petitioners also cite a case before High Court’s Lands Division which was filed by one John Sentongo, claiming that he bought a piece of land adjacent to Kavuma’s land in Makindye, and that the latter erected a uniport on the land and placed the word ‘no trespass.’

Kavuma is also accused of convening court sessions and even awarding costs without notifying both parties, among other accusations.

The petitioners say they feel a lot of pinch and pain because they work day and night to make sure the backlog of cases decreases, only to be set back by Justice Kavuma.

These in their interdiction request, want Kavuma to hand over all government property including all court files to the Register of Court of Appeal and also get restricted from leaving the country before being permitted by the Chief Justice.

They also want Kavuma’s security reduced to normal. He reportedly has more than 15 security officers in black, which is more that the Chief Justice himself.

It is understood the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has who recently branded a ruling by Kavuma as ‘stupid’ has also written to the Chief Justice seeking Kavuma’s interdiction.

We understand the Chief Justice Bart Katureebe has received the petition. We were still unable however to reach him for confirmation of what action he will take in regard to the petition.

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