Court of Appeal Judges Disown Judgement in Kato Lubwama Case

The three judges on a panel hearing the case in which Rubaga South Member of Parliament (MP) Hon Kato Lubwama challenges the High Court decision of granting Habib Buwembo permission to file an election petition out of stipulated time, have denied earlier claims that they had finalized writing their judgement

In the last court sitting, Justice Chebron Barishaki surprised the respondents when he informed court that the ruling was ready, and yet the case itself has never been fully heard.

Appearing before the panel of judges led by the Deputy Chief justice Aliphonse Owiny Dollo today, the respondent Mr Buwembo, who was without his lawyers said he had lost confidence in the panel.

“On 28th March 2019 justice Cheborion informed us that the judgement was ready. We have lost confidence in all judges who had signed on that ruling” Buwembo submitted.

From these submissions Justice Dollo apologized to the parties in this matter saying they have never written any ruling in the matter but they realized that they had made a mistake which they have already rectified.

“We have never made a ruling in this matter what happened was an error by all of us not only justice Cheborion. It was a ruling for another matter” Dollo clarified

Although Hon Kato’ s lawyer Caleb Alaka had asked court not to allow more new submissions from the defense on grounds that everything had been finalized, court was adjourned to Thursday this week for Buwembo’s lawyer to be available in court.

On 5th January 2017, High judge Justice Margaret  Oumo Oguli delivered a ruling in which she gave permission to Habib Buwembo one of the residents of Lubaga South  to  file an election petition against Kato Lubwama out of the stipulated time frame, which Lubwama challenged

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