Court Martial Convicts Lt Col Kaye Of Murder

Makindye General Court martial yesterday convicted Lt. Col John Kaye for murdering Kabuye Steven on 12th November 2013 at his Home in Nalumunye Wakiso district.

The Colonel is said to have shot dead Kabuye following a scuffle at his home. Prosecution stated that Kaye asked Kabuye to put off his lights and when the latter didn’t, click he dragged him out of his car, medical pulled out his pistol and shot him close range in the neck.

In his judgment the court martial chairman Brig General Levi Karuhanga ruled that prosecution had brought enough evidence that Col John Kaye murdered Kabuye.

Prosecution witness one Nakato Sarah, who was with the deceased by the time he was killed, told court that she saw Kabuye being shot and later attended the burial in Mityana.

Lt col Kaye after court

The court also ruled out self defence, picking from doctors’ evidence of a 3 inch wound found on the deceased’s neck, and some signs of resistance.

The accused had earlier pleaded innocent; claiming that he thought the deceased was a thief who attacked his house.

Col Kaye was also blamed for physically attacking an unarmed person with such immense force, despite the fact that he had an escort who could have worked hard to protect his boss.


On conviction, court cancelled Col Kaye’s bail and the chairman ordered the fees which were paid in securing it if any, to be refunded.

State prosecution led by Maj Moses Bwaaso asked court to give a deterrent sentence to the convict since they had no criminal record on him.

At the same time,  defence counsel Kiyemba Mutale asked court to grant his client a minimum sentence on grounds that he is a long serving and disciplined member of the UPDF who has never caused death to nay body unlawfully ever since the days of NRA Struggle.

Earlier, before sentencing, the convict had shown dissatisfaction with the court’s composition saying that it was biased because one of the members on the panel was a relative to the Late Kabuye and promised to make an appeal.

The case has been set for Monday 16th February for sentencing.

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