Court Grants Bail to Prince Accused of Defaming Buganda Minister

Buganda Road Court Senior Grade One Magistrate Stella Amabirisi has granted bail to Prince Joseph Kiyimba, an accountant by profession who is charged with publishing defamatory statements against Kyewalabye Male, the Buganda Minister in charge of culture and other officials from Buganda Land Board.

As one of the bail terms, the applicants (accused) persons have been ordered to pay 4 million shillings cash each well as each of their four sureties have been ordered to sign a non cash bond of 10 million shillings.

On granting bail to Kiyimba and his co accused, the magistrate was convinced that all the four sureties presented by the duo were substantial, having fulfilled all the requirements needed by court.

“This court is convinced that the applicants have fixed places of abode having verified and found out that the places mentioned in court are the same as on those on their identification documents,” the Magistrate said.

The magistrate has ordered them to leave the national identity cards for both sureties and the applicants in court until the final conclusion of the case.

Since investigations in the matter are still under way, the case has been adjourned to September 1, 2020.

JJuuko and Richard Kayima, a councilor representing Nateete Parish at Rubaga Division are charged with Libel and offensive Communication contrary to section 170, 180 of the penal code and section 25 of computer Misuse Act 2011.

Prosecution contends that between October 2019 and June 2020, with in Kampala, while using Facebook Accounts under the names of ‘Jjuuko Kiyimba and ‘Jjuuko Joseph’ the accused unlawfully published defamatory statements about Kyewalabye Male.


Prosecution argues that the duo stated that Kyewalabye is a fraudulent CEO involved in mortgage backed security fraud and thus disturbed the peace or right to privacy of the accuser with no purpose of legitimate communication.

It’s further alleged that these two went ahead and defamed Bashir Juma, an employee of Buganda Land Board, also a supervisor for Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Planning in Wakiso district that he led to the theft of over USD 20 million.


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