Court Dismisses Malik Kaliisa’s Case Against Uganda Kickboxing Federation

The Nakawa Court Magistrate Romans Ponsiano Odwori on Tuesday dismissed the case that was filed against the Uganda Kickboxing Federation president Patrick Luyoza and his Vice, Richard Mpangire.

The case was filed by Malik Kaliisa against the current kickboxing leadership of Luyoza and Mpangire after the former claimed to be the registered Trustees of the Federation.

The case has been in court for close to one year and UKF activities were at a halt but there is finally light at the tunnel end and work can now resume effectively.

Uganda Kickboxing Federation president Patrick Luyoza

On 7th September 2020, Luyooza and Mpangire through their lawyers Najjuma, Nakalule and company Advocates raised a preliminary objection against Kaliisa’s main suit after citing breach and violation of the federation constitution to sue the federation executive in the name of the trustees.

“We do represent both respondents (defendants) in the matter referred to herein above. On 7th day of September 2020 at 9 am we did raise a preliminary objection that the applicant’s suit is not sanctioned by the members of the applicant federation. It was our candid argument that without holding a meeting of the general assembly what was being done was outside the parameters of the constitution of the federation,” the letter read in part.

The final ruling made by the magistrate found loopholes in the applicant’s evidence produced before court with a verified forged copy from the Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) that was claimed to be signed by registrar Anita Tumwine.

Brief Background

After the death of the former Uganda Kickboxing Federation president, the Late Hassan Ssekirime, an extra General Assembly elected an interim committe to run the Federation activities.


The elected committe had Patrick Luyoza (President), Major Richard Mpangire (Vice president and General Secretary) as other positions remained vacant.

Luyoza later appointed Sadat Yiga (Organizing secretary), Wandeya Muyoga (Publicity Secretary), and Khalid Tamale on the ruling committe which was to complete the late Sekirime’s term that was due to end in February 2020.

However, the greed for power broke out towards the end of last year after Sadat Yiga, Wandela Mugoya and Khalid Tamale formed a faction that merged with Malik Kaliisa and some kickboxers to fight against Luyoza’s leadership.

Rival faction head Malik Kaliisa swearing in as the Federation president in January

In September 2019, the rival faction held an illegal elective assembly that confirmed Kalisa as the new Federation president before his swearing in on the 21st of January this year at the Centenary Park.

After being disowned by the National Council of Sports (NCS) as illegitimate leaders of the Federation, Kaliisa’s rebel group filed a case to Court with a suit in which they opposed Luyoza’s leadership.

It was until 29th September, 2020 that the Nakawa court dismissed the case and made the final ruling in favor of the Uganda Kickboxing Federation having sighted forgery in the evidence tabled by the compliant.

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