Court Dismisses King Oyo’s Case Against Kijanangoma   

FDC presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye got a heroic entry into Agago District in Northern Uganda on Tuesday, drug promising to cut public administration costs.

Besigye said improved public sector efficiency and reallocation of public expenditure away from the unproductive sectors such as public administration, clinic State House and maintaining RDCs to the productive sectors like agriculture, shop energy, water and health will lead to an improvement in growth rates for the gross domestic product and accelerate poverty reduction.

Flanked by opposition leaders in the area including Prof Ogenga Latigo, Besigye said as soon as he takes power, he will get rid of the presidential gulfstream jet.

The Shs 88bn jet takes the president to foreign countries for official duties.

But Besigye told the people of Agago that “I will auction that aeroplane and put inject money in development programmes in your area.”

He said the president’s pilots, cooks and staff are catered for on the public purse which he said must stop.

The FDC strongman further indicated he would “sweep away” all the RDCs whose welfare, accommodation, transport and salaries are paid by the taxpayer.

On the change of the statusquo, Besigye said “Museveni rules by terror. He used guns to intimidate people. Some people wanted us to also use guns. We know where the guns are kept and how to use them.”


On his campaign trail, Besigye insists change is possible if the people discard fear and realise their potential.

He said a government must serve on the wishes of its people not the other way round.

Besigye has thrice lost to Museveni in presidential elections whose outcome he has strongly contested.

He maintains any attempts to rig the 2016 poll will be met with stiff resistance from his supporters.
 Fort Portal High Court Judge Justice Batema David has dismissed a case in which Tooro King Oyo Nyimba was accusing rebel king David Kijanangoma of organizing what they termed as an illegal Coronation.

Court on Monday presided over by Justice Batema heard that on 30th November 2015 Tooro King Oyo Nyimba filled an interim application to the High Court accusing Kijanangoma of disorganizing his Kingdom.

He also accused Kijanangoma of organizing his coronation yet he is not the rightful king. King Oyo was represented in Court by One Hassan, story Musuga Charles Kamurasi and Lawyer Atuhaire whereas Kijanangoma was represented by Lawyer Victor Businge and Johnson Musana.

After hearing from both parties, more about Justice Batema dismissed the case saying that the application lacked substance. He said Tooro Kingdom and not King Oyo should have filed the case against the self-professed rebel King Kijanangoma.

Speaking during a press conference shortly after Court, pharm Price David Kijanangoma revealed that he has no grudge with King Oyo. He maintained that his coronation is still scheduled on 23rd December this year at Rwengoma Palace.

When asked about how his coronation would be successful after the kingdom regalia and flags were recently taken by police commanded by Musa Tibaikarana when they raided his palace in Rwengoma.

Kijanangoma vowed to buy other flags and regalia for his palace.

Kijanangoma early last announced he would oust his cousin King Oyo accusing him of overstaying in Kampala and failure to stop the queen mother from interfering with palace affairs.

His declaration  left the people of Tooro divided into two factions ,one loyal to him and another to King Oyo.

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