Court Declines to Summon Museveni in Stella Nyanzi Case

Buganda Road grade one magistrate Gladys Kamasanyu has declined to issue witness summons against President Yoweri Museveni to testify in court about how his peace was disturbed by former Makerere university Researcher Dr. Stella Nyanzi.

Last week Nyanzi, through her lawyers had asked court to summon 20 defense witnesses including the President.

However, the magistrate ruled against this request on grounds that a sitting president cannot be subjected to any court proceedings, which would be against provisions of the 1995 constitution.

Kamasanyu added that the sitting president is the Fountain of Honor, who cannot be compelled by court to appear over any matter despite being a competent witness.

According to Article 98 clause 4 of the constitution, while holding office, the president cannot be liable to proceedings in any court, unless voluntarily.

Stella Nyanzi opted for silence as her line of defense. Among the remaining 19 witnesses she has lined up is the Director CIID AIGP Grace Akullo

Hearing of the defense case will kick off tomorrow the 3rd of July 2019

Nyanzi is accused of posting vulgar messages on her Facebook wall which are said to have disturbed the peace of President Museveni and his family.



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