Court Declines Order to Block Purchase of MP Vehicles

The Constitutional Court yesterday dismissed an interim order which was filed by Twaha Sanywa, symptoms a Ugandan citizen seeking to block the 150 million shillings which was allocated to Members of Parliament, visit web to purchase private vehicles.

Justice Richard Buteera in his ruling read for him by Assistant Registrar Rosemary Bareebe, there faulted the petitioner for failing to bring out how the purchase of the motor vehicles would make him and the general public suffer damages that cannot be atoned.

The judge however explained that incase court finds out in future that Parliament wrongly paid Shs. 64billion to the legislators, there is an alternative of recovering the said money. This would be by ordering those alive to refund the money; while for the deceased court would order the sale of their estates.

At the moment all MPs with no pending electoral petitions have received a first installment of 100 million shillings as they await the 50 million shillings.

In the same judgment Justice Buteera pointed out that  Sanywa’s  main petition which is pending hearing by a panel of 5 Constitutional Court judges has merit as the court has a duty to look into how government spends tax payers’ money.

Sanywa wants MPs to be treated as other government officials who use Public service vehicles and after expiry of their tenure they leave those vehicles behind

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