Court Calls For Mediation In Case Between People Power And Gulu University

Gulu High Court has called for mediation in a case in which People Power pressure group sued Gulu University after the latter blocked their candidate for nomination for guild president.

Supporters of People Power, a Pressure Group associated with Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine  last month dragged the Academic Registrar and Dean of Students to court, accusing them of blocking their candidate, Imuran Ntambazi Java, from nomination.

But on Wednesday, Gulu High Court Deputy Registrar Rosemary Bareebe asked Gulu University legal team and People Power candidate to consider mediation.

“I ask you both parties to consider mediation as the best option and file the mediation report tomorrow before afternoon that I have set to make the ruling. The implication of the ruling may not favour one of you; I still repeat; sit and agree on how best this matter can be resolve,” she advised.

Earlier, People Power lawyer Lastone B Gulume had told court that his client was unfairly treated by the University having been denied nomination, adding that it will ruin his entire political ambition and leadership career.

“He is unable to fairly and humbly contest for the position where he was not nominated for and his political ambition and leadership career is jeopardized,” Mr Gulume said.

He added: “We submit that the leadership career and economic rights arising from practice the chosen paths cannot in our humble submission be compensated in terms of monetary damages.”

Gulu University lawyer Walter Ladwar Okidi told court that the people power candidate wasn’t a fully registered student by the time of nomination.


“He became a fully registered student of the University three days after the nomination. Because he had not presented sufficient proof for his eligibility for the position,” Mr Ladwar said.

Voting is scheduled for 7th of this month at the Gulu University Main Campus and a total of 4,500 students are expected to vote.



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