Court Acquits Lawyer Karamagi

Buganda Road Grade One magistrate Joan Aciro has dismissed the case in which lawyer Andrew Karamagi was accused of attacking the late former Attorney General Peter Nyombi and snatching his speech during a court function in Kampala.

In this four year old case, Karamagi was facing charges of being a common nuisance and annoying  the Attorney General as he delivered his speech at the opening of the new Law Year in 2014.

The judge ruled today that the charge sheet on which Karamagi was charged before court was defective and incurable, since the prosecution failed to give the necessary particulars in all ingredients in this case.

She added that the charge sheet misled the prosecution witnesses to the extent that the state failed to prove the charges beyond reasonable doubt as required by the law.

The magistrate pointed out that while the accused undoubtedly grabbed the Attorney General’s speech, the act was nonviolent, and that even Mr Nyombi didn’t leave the stage but continued speaking.

The judge also noted that none of the people from the public was called to testify yet one of the witnesses who testified in court said that some people from the public tried to prevent the arrest of Karamagi.

After the case dismissal, Karamagi addressed press and thanked the judiciary for this judgement, which he said encouraged people to hold their leaders accountable.

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