Coup Plot in Gambia

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At least four people were killed as the elite Gambian military forces thwarted an attempt to oust President Yahya Jammeh while he was on a foreign trip, seek http://copdx.org.au/wp-admin/includes/deprecated.php the media reported Tuesday.

The presidential palace came under gunfire at 3:00am by militants of whom some came from the head-of-state’s premises, adiposity http://currencymeter.com/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/class-wc-shipping-zone.php a diplomat told AFP.

Army sources and residents of the city confirmed the report and said the attackers had been driven back.

Jollyofnews.com reported that  some armed men led by former State House Commander, Lt Colonel Lamin Sanneh, invaded the country yesterday evening from neighbouring Senegal and attacked the presidential palace in Banjul and the military post at the Denton Bridge, which links Banjul to the southern part of the country.

The gun fight started at around 1am local time and lasted until the early hours of the morning.


Lt Colonel Sanneh is reported to have been injured during the gun fight. There are unconfirmed reports that he has died of his injuries, according to the website.

Four armed men were reported to have been killed while four others have been captured. One of attackers is reported to have sustained serious injuries.

There have been several coup attempts against the government of Mr Jammeh, who also came to power in a coup and is accused by critics of governing the Gambia with an iron fist and committing serious rights abuses including arbitrary arrest and enforced disappearance.

President Jammeh is in France for a medical check-up but there reports that he is on his way back to Banjul.


“Between four and five people were killed during a gun battle at State House and Denton Bridge,” said a senior government official who requested anonymity.

Our source said a shoot-out took place on the outskirts of Banjul, with one soldier sustaining serious injuries and is being treated at the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital in Banjul.

“A small group of ill-intentioned individuals attempted to carry out this evil plot against our peaceful country,” the source said.

“Thank God our gallant soldiers were able to neutralise them.”

At the time of writing this report, armed soldiers are reported to be patrolling the streets of Banjul and Kanilai.

UK/US Plot 

In October 2013, Gambia accused the US and Britain of sponsoring coup attempts in a bid to topple its president, Jammeh.

“These two western powers have continued in their relentless efforts to destabilise this country, desperately using every means possible from sponsoring coup plots to financing the opposition and mounting a vigorous smear campaign,” The Guardian newspaper quoted the minister for presidential affairs, Momodou Sabally, as saying in a statement read on national TV.

Sabally accused the US and Britain of sponsoring a 1995 coup and said the Gambia would not surrender its mineral resources to “old vampires and present-day locusts”.

As evidence of an alleged plot the minister referred to a proposed maritime security agreement with the US that the tiny west African country had recently rejected for seeking “total control and exploitation of Gambia’s territorial waters”.

The accusations came after Gambia made a surprise decision to withdraw from the Commonwealth, describing the 53-member grouping headed by the Queen as a “neo-colonial institution”.

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