Country in Shock as Police Truck Intentionally Knocks Besigye Supporter

Dust has barely settled of emerging revelations of how the Uganda Police Force continues to inhumanely treat civilians; another shocking example has Saturday afternoon come to the open.

A phone video footage showing a police truck driver intentionally knocking down a man cheering FDC’s former Presidential candidate Col Dr Kizza Besigye, malady has gone viral.

In the video which was captured by a one Henry Nsubuga in Kyebando, diagnosis the police pickup truck following Dr Besigye’s mild procession slows down, turns slightly into the pavement and knocks down one of the supporters, who is cheering the passing politician. It then rolls back on the road and speeds off without stopping.

Another man who is running on foot and presumably a police officer kicks hard on the knocked man who is rolling in pain on the ground. This person in civilian attire is wearing a headdress, perhaps to hide his identity.

The video comes in the midst of an ongoing trial of up to 9 police officers who were filmed less than three weeks ago, brutally beating up supporters of the Dr Besigye who was celebrating his release from Luzira prison.

Today’s video kicked up a storm over social media, with some commentators reviving the call for the resignations of the Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura.

“Now who should people run to when faced with injustice and brutality? This is sad,” said one Barbra Katusabe on Twitter.

“This looks like a hit and run case! Maybe the driver was under instructions to “clear” the way,” another Patrick Kalunda stressed.


Other commentators on Facebook went to question how long it would take for the IGP to be forced out of his office.

The IGP in the wake of the earlier incident came out and defended the actions of the police officers (who are now on trial) and strongly condemned the media for telling only one side of the story.

Famous Musician Bobi Wine posted today, “There are some things that we just CANNOT KEEP SILENT ABOUT! Where is a citizen supposed to report when abused by the police?.”

“If the police can do this in broad daylight, I can only imagine the things they do in the night and those others we can’t capture on camera, is this what our government has come to?,” said another Emma Mujuzi.

“If the institution tasked with protecting us is instead violating our rights, where is the common man supposed to run to. The whole system is rotten. It reminds me of when I was mugged a few weeks ago and the suspects released because they are related to a CMI official who promised to return all stolen items but alas two months down the road and they don’t even take my calls. And they talk of Uganda zaabu… Shame on all of them,” added Ngonzi Micahel

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