Councilors Petition Minister Tumwebaze Over RDC’s Misconduct

The Director of Public Prosecution, web Mike Chibita, has warned of a huge battle with extremists who are suspected of being part of the gang that took the precious life of her deputy, Joan Kagezi, 48, in a cold-blooded murder on Monday in Kiwatule, Kampala.

“The battle has been brought to our doorstep and we shall fight back,” warned Chibita who broke down as he remembered Kagezi’s extraordinary commitment and determination to pursue justice for victims of criminal gangs.

“Where they shoot us in highways we shall battle them in courtrooms. The pen is mightier than the sword,” charged a visibly disturbed Chibita as relatives of the deceased sobbed.

Kagezi's body on arrival at St Luke Church
Kagezi’s body on arrival at St Luke Church

The shooting of the state prosecutor by gunmen who were riding a motorcycle has since tested the strength of the judiciary’s spine in combating crime.

At the time of her death, said Gen Kale Kayihura during today’s memorial service held at St Luke Church in Ntinda, Kagezi was prosecuting the 2010 Kampala bombings and Busoga terrorism suspects.

“She was an outstanding lawyer and prosecutor.  We know she met he death at the hands of the cowardly assassins for reasons connected to her effective work,” said Kayihura.

The body of the deceased being taken to church
The body of the deceased being taken to church
Kagezi's orphans arrive at St Luke for the church service (Photos: Kenneth Kazibwe/ChimpReports)
Kagezi’s orphans arrive at St Luke for the church service (Photos: Kenneth Kazibwe/ChimpReports)

The DPP, who worked closely with the deceased, said, “When we went to school, we never imagined it was a dangerous profession. Our tools are words and pens. Never do we ever think we are targets. She is the first prosecutor to have been killed in the history of Uganda.”

He warned against drawing early conclusions on the identities of the killers but emphasised that “the assumption is that the death was related with her work.”


Chibita said prosecution of criminals is not always a “picnic” and that Kagezi’s death is the evidence.

Kagezi was praised as an incorruptible judicial officer
Kagezi was praised as an incorruptible judicial officer

But he quickly added that the office of the DPP will not be subdued by criminals.

“We shall continue doing work entrusted to us. We shall accomplish all cases left behind. We shall not be afraid and intimidated. We shall not retreat, we shall not surrender. We have no option but continue this difficult journey,” he added, with dozens of judicial officials who attended the church service, nodding in an agreement.

Their body language underlined the nation’s strong resilience and unity against terrorism.

Heavily-armed counter terrorism personnel were deployed around the church where the service was conducted.

Describing Kagezi as a woman of “extraordinary humility”, Chibita urged authorities that the road on which Kagezi was slain should be named after her.


Eminent figures in Judiciary, Otafiire, former DPP, Richard Butera and outgoing Chief Justice, Benjamin Odoki at the church service
Eminent figures in Judiciary, Otafiire, former DPP, Richard Butera and outgoing Chief Justice, Benjamin Odoki at the church service


The Irish Ambassador to Uganda, Donal Cronin, spoke on behalf of foreign missions in Uganda, describing Kagezi as a “strong believer in equality” and productive member of the DPP’s office whose works held a better future for the country.

“She dedicated her professionalism and passion to serving people. War against terrorism is for all of us and we must stand firm against it. We pray that justice is done in this case,” urged the diplomat before a fully-packed church.

The Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Gen Kahinda Otafiire said Kagezi’s “greatest virtue was her greatest enemy,” adding, “Her great contributions have cost her death after being underestimated.”

Chief Justice Bart Katureebe bidding Kagezi farewell
Chief Justice Bart Katureebe bidding Kagezi farewell
Odoki paying his last respects to Kagezi
Odoki paying his last respects to Kagezi
Otafiire said the killers of the state prosecutor would be hunted down to face the wrath of the law
Otafiire said the killers of the state prosecutor would be hunted down to face the wrath of the law

Otafiire charged: “I can assure you we are going to look for the assassins wherever they are. The grief that her death has brought can’t be described. She was smart, articulate and purpose-driven. I would like to assure Ugandans that perpetrators of this crime no matter how far they are shall be brought to book.”

Chief Justice Bart Katureebe said Kagezi was a “dedicated”, “professional” and “pure prosecutor,” adding, “Those who killed her don’t believe in rule of law.”

Kagezi's relatives being comforted as they struggle to cope with the murder
Kagezi’s children being comforted as they struggled to cope with the murder

Katureebe said Kagezi was always prepared whenever she was going for court.

Vice President Edward Ssekandi, said the country has lost a “prosecutor of repute, a resourceful person who offered all to the country. Members of the legal fraternity should remain firm as they do their job. Her legacy will live on.”

Kagezi, who lost her husband, Henry Morton Kiryowa Kagezi, a decade ago, was survived by five children – George Phillip Kagezi 22 years, Carol Namugambe Kagezi 21, Pearl Prisca Kagezi, 16 and John Harvey Kagezi, 11.
Dr. Abed Bwanika, viagra president of Opposition People’s Development Party (PDP) has pinned loopholes in the released roadmap to the 2016 General Election by the Electoral Commission (EC) and urged government to postpone the elections.

“We call on government to postpone 2016 General Elections for at least 12 months to allow appropriate preparations for the elections that will guarantee delivery of free and fair elections, ” Bwanika told journalists at Melting Pot Hotel in Kampala.

Bwanika said that the EC has allocated little time for the general update of the voters’ register of only 23 days from 7th to 30th April, which was likely to make voters miss out.

He blamed EC for disregarding the new electoral reforms that are currently before cabinet, and proceeding to release the roadmap.

“Disregarding the new electoral reforms is neglecting the will of Ugandans. There is no need to rush into an election; it is better that we postpone it until the country is prepared to offer Ugandans the best.”

The reforms called for include among others; appointment of a caretaker presidential commission to constitute an interim government during presidential elections. This would ensure that an incumbent president seeking re-election would not access state resources to the disadvantage of other candidates.

The release of voters’ register should be done early as possible to enable verification and scrutiny by the public.

A call for an independent Electoral Commission where all stake holders must have a say and their voices heard in the appointment of the commissioners.

Asked why the commission couldn’t wait for the proposed electoral reforms which government says are before cabinet, the EC Ag. Chairperson Biribonwa noted yesterday that: “We are working within the current laws which give us the mandate to roll out milestone; we can’t sit and wait until the new law is enacted and yet we don’t know when parliament shall finalize with the reforms.”

Bwanika is also bothered by the move by EC to use National Identity Cards particulars to derive the voters’ register to be used in the general elections.

“There are still contentions with the I.D exercise which was done without an enabling law, such information cannot be trusted to offer free and fair elections to Ugandans.”

EC yesterday noted that that those persons, who registered during mass enrollment for issuance of National Identity Cards and were successfully verified as Ugandans citizens, will not be required to register again during the update exercise.”

This is because EC has already extracted their particulars from the National Identification register for the purpose of compiling and updating the National Voters’ Register.



The Bushenyi district councilors have petitioned the Minister for presidency, dosage Frank Tumwebaze over the alleged misconduct of the Resident District Commissioner, drugs Mr. Isaac Kawooya.

In a petition letter dated March 31, unhealthy 2015, the councilors accused Kawooya of failing government programs.

Some of the Bushenyi district councilors
Some of the Bushenyi district councilors

They claim that in execution of the government youth livelihood program, he refused to listen to the advice from the district council and other leaders and went ahead to arrest youth group leaders.

Councilors informed the Minister that the RDC had arrested the youths for not paying back the loans yet time for repayment was not yet due

“Mr. Kawooya has re-introduced the panda gari system in Bushenyi. He moves around the district bundling up people onto his vehicle, like in the Idi Amin’s time,” lamented the residents

The councilors contend that there’s a general outcry in the society as a result of Kawooya’s actions adding that people are not sure whether he is assisting government or working against it.

The district council is now calling for stern disciplinary action against the RDC Kawoya.

Our efforts to get the RDC for comments were still fruitless as his known mobile phone numbers were switched off.


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