COU Implores Christians to Abide by the Presidential Directives on COVID-19

“These are extraordinary times that call for extraordinary measures and for the extraordinary conversion of our head, heart, and hands.”

Those were the resonating words from the archbishop of Church of Uganda (COU), Stephen Samuel Kaziimba as he wrote a statement urging Ugandans to follow the guidelines issued by the government on combating the Coronavirus pandemic.

The COU on Wednesday released a statement appealing to Ugandans to remain strong in faith and stand steadfast in this trying time.

This comes in the wake of the, the Ministry of Health reporting that  five more confirmed cases of coronavirus in Uganda, bringing the total of confirmed cases to fourteen.

Kazimba advises Christians to follow the president’s three-fold prevention system (distancing your self, regular washing and not touching your face) and also reminds them of how Uganda was imperious over the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the past.

“Do the right thing. Pay attention to your behaviour and choose to change your behaviour so together we can defeat this enemy called coronavirus. God has created us in his very own image and given us the capacity to change our behaviour. Please do it from today. Wash your hands and don’t touch your face,” he said.

In the statement, Kaziimba is quick to emphasise the following guidelines to which Christians ought to live by in this global crisis; staying at home, bearing one another’s burdens and observing prescribed burial guidelines.

The Archbishop calls onto the clergy to also abide by the rules and lead by example to their congregations.


“I call upon all Bishops to organize the best way for most church workers – lay and ordained – to work from home while also being facilitated. We also want to encourage leaders to take advantage of online technology for audio and video conferencing. If working from home is not possible, then reduce work and give people leave,” he stressed.

Christians were also asked to stay strong in faith and the organize not only daily family devotions, but also family Sunday worship, including worship through tithes and offerings.

On burials and funerals, Kiziimba implores Ugandan’s to take care of their precious lives and strictly follow what the government has said so as to reduce the number of deaths.

“The last thing we need, however, is for more people to get infected because of attending a burial and then for more deaths to occur. The short term pain is much more bearable than the long term pain of losing more loved ones,” he maintained.

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