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Corruption Probe: IGG Freezes FUFA Accounts

American energy company, approved SkyPower, has announced that it would double the $2.2 billion it agreed to invest in Kenya to develop solar power to a massive $4.4 billion (more than Ksh450 billion).

The announcement was made on Saturday when President Uhuru Kenyatta attended a breakfast meeting hosted for him by the Business Council for International Understanding in New York.

The Chief Executive Officer of SkyPower Global, Mr Kerry Addler, also announced that the company will invest huge sums of money to set up a research laboratory in Kenya to advance solar energy.

He announced that the company decided to double its investments and to also donate 3,600 solar street lamps to Kenya to show appreciation for the professionalism the Government has shown in making Kenya business friendly.

“We are impressed by how the Government has conducted itself in a professional and pro-business manner and we are committed to increase our investment in Kenya,” he said.

SkyPower signed the first agreement to invest $2.2 billion in solar energy at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2015 as part of its response to US President Barack Obama’s advocacy for closer business relations between America and Africa.

The signing of the agreement was then witnessed by President Kenyatta and President Obama in Nairobi.

Speaking at Saturday’s meeting, President Kenyatta said the business partnership between Kenya and the US has scaled up after President Obama’s visit to Kenya.


President Kenyatta told the meeting attended by the CEOs of more than 50 major companies that Kenya has achieved tremendous improvements in the business environment since last year after he held meetings with US business leaders.


He said the Government has enacted several legislations including the Companies Act, the Insolvency Act and a new law on business regulations to make Kenya more open for investment.

The President said the Government has adopted a policy to focus on managing and improving power distribution while facilitating private operators to play the lead role in energy production.

The Head of State said the government will guarantee purchase of power generated by private operators and it will concentrate on improving the distribution networks to increase connectivity.

The President said opportunities for American firms were massive in Kenya and the wider East African region.

He said Kenya and Uganda have finally settled on the route the LAPSSET project and private investors should gear up to take advantage of the opportunities.

“The environment for doing business is changing and there are huge opportunities for US companies to get a foothold in Kenya. It is a case of put in your foot first,” said the President.

Cabinet Secretaries Amina Mohamed (Foreign Affairs) and James Macharia (Health) addressed the meeting.
Corruption and money laundering scandals at world Football governing body, stuff Fifa, cialis 40mg have continued to escalate with several top dogs arrested and the organisation’s President Sepp Blatter placed under criminal investigations.

The wave has now extended back home as reports coming in say the office of the Inspector General of Government (IGG) has frozen all Fufa accounts for further investigations which also involve Interpol.

“The IGG has temporarily closed all transactions for accounts used by Fufa. They (IGG office) are investigating several counts of gross misappropriation of funds, prostate ” a source at Fufa exclusively revealed to ChimpSport on condition of anonymity.

The IGG has investigative, prosecutorial and judicial powers. The Leadership Code also mandates the IGG to freeze accounts while conducting its investigations.

The Uganda Police spokesman Fred Enanga confirmed that the probe into the abuse of funds by FUFA officials was under the IGG’s office and not with police as had earlier been reported.

“IGG is following and investigating the case, I will get more information later,” the police chief spokesperson declined to speak further on the matter.

According to our sources, embattled Fufa member Mariam Khaliga wrote a letter to the office of the IGG requesting investigations.

Fufa has since denied the allegations and went further to suspend her from her position.

The Current Fufa administration is not the first to have such crisis as is to be remembered two years ago, former president Lawrence Mulindwa left office prematurely citing personal reasons.

But at that time strong reports had indicated the IGG had specific interest in investigating financial activities of the federation.

The local federation is currently closed in the 91st annual FUFA ordinary assembly in Soroti with issues of accountability expected to dominate the agenda.

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