PRAUNite to Focus on Reputation Management

FDC President Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu has opened the lid on his frosty relationship with Nandala Mafabi, viagra 100mg saying the former leader of opposition in Parliament is yet to express readiness to meet him.

Muntu’s statement comes against the backdrop of Nandala’s media remarks that he would fight electoral malpractices in FDC.

“I concede I was defeated by Gen. Muntu and I believe it was never my time but his time to lead the party; if any rigging takes place during the special party delegates conference, viagra 60mg we shall deal with it, visit this ” Mafabi told the press at his home in Kyambogo in Kampala on Wednesday.

“We shall do whatever it takes to ensure that these elections this time round are free and fair.”

Nandala’s remarks were perceived as a veiled attack on Muntu’s legacy as FDC president.

Nandala petitioned FDC leadership after losing the party presidency race in November 2012, accusing Muntu’s camp of rigging the election. The matter was resolved amicably.

Realising that Nandala was hell-bent on tactfully undermining his credibility and legitimacy as FDC president, Muntu on Thursday fired back:

“I have no problem with any individual as long as that individual is ready to work for the party. I work with people in the interest of the party, I do not discriminate,” said Muntu.


“I have worked with all Chairpersons all over the country many who never supported me. I think the only issue maybe in the case of Nandala is the interpersonal relationship. I have always been ready to meet with Nandala, but he has never been ready,” he added.

Yesterday, Nandala denied leading a rival faction against the party president, observing that if it was the case, members of his camp wouldn’t have remained working within the current administration.

“There are no rifts within the party and any thoughts that I am standing as the party Secretary General with the aim of over shadowing Muntu are all falsehoods. When given the mandate of being the Secretary General (SG), I have no ambitions of overshadowing the president since I am just a worker under him,” said Nandala.

He reiterated that his decision to stand as the party Secretary General is to energize the party so as to move forward and faster towards the goal of capturing power.
The Public Relations Association of Uganda ( PRAU ) is set to host the 6th edition of PRAUNite, story a professional development and social networking event aimed at bringing together both Public Relation and non-Public Relation professionals and practitioners in Uganda to a common ground.

According to  Director Public Relations-PRAU Pheona Wall, viagra the event slated to take place on Friday at Imperial Royale Hotel this week is a formal social environment where hundreds of corporate personnel will pitch camp to  learn, diagnosis network, develop and attain different skills in line with the ever changing trends of business in Uganda, East Africa and beyond.

Kawesi making his presentation at the recently concluded PRAUNite
Kawesi making his presentation at the recently concluded PRAUNite

The event will run under the theme ‘Effective Communication and Reputation Management’ and will be graced by Robyn De Villiers, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Burson-Marsteller Africa, the Johannesburg-based company that has been engaged in public relations and corporate communications in South Africa and across the continent for over 20 years.

“Since its launch in 2011, the Association has hosted 6 events of the kind, discussing relevant topics and benefiting 1,000’s of participants many of whom are PR professionals and key practitioners,” Pheona said.

PRAU Members listening to presentation
PRAU Members listening to presentation

“This month’s PRAUNITE will be attended by a cross section of PR professionals from various corporate companies, government institutions, mass communication University student members and the media as they discuss key issues in the communication world and how companies can build credible reputations for effective business operations,”she added.


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