Coronavirus: Uganda Imposes Travel Ban on 31 Countries as Aviation Body Unveils Tougher Rules

Uganda is intensifying its crackdown on all possible channels through which the deadly coronavirus could make its way into the country.

In the latest wave of measures, government through the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCCA) has issued a total ban on travel from nealy 31 countries which have been affected most by the Corona virus (COVID-19).

In a circular released yesterday, UCCA said travel for all passengers coming into Uganda from any of these countries, which have been placed in Category one (1) by the Health Ministry, has been suspended.

The banned countries are; China, Republic of Korea, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, United States of America, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Canada, Pakistan, Denmark, Qatar, Czech, Australia, Portugal, Slovenia, Israel, Brazil, Ireland, Iceland, Philippines, Indonesia, Chile, India, Belgium and Iran.

Initially government advised travelers from these countries (16 at the time) to come to Ugandan only when they must, provided they are ready to undergo a 14-day quarantine.

Under the new rules, only Ugandan citizens and any other nationals with valid residence permits will be allowed to enter Uganda, and these must proceed on a 14 day institutional quarantine at their own cost.

Additionally, airlines coming to Entebbe will be required to ensure that the passenger has prior booking at any of the government designated quarantine areas.

In other rules, all airlines shall ensure that passengers fill and submit Travel Surveillance Forms (TSF) on board the aircraft before disembarking. The duly filled forms shall be handed over to the Ministry of Health personnel on arrival.


All airlines are also required to provide advance passenger manifests to the relevant port health office at the airport;

Upon identifying a suspected case while the aircraft is in flight, inform the port health office at the airport through Air Traffic Control about Aircraft identification, Departure aerodrome, Estimated time of arrival, Number of suspected cases on board.

All international passengers shall dispose of their masks and/or gloves after use during travel, at designated waste collection containers upon arrival.

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