Coronavirus: U.S. Helps its Citizens Leave DRC

United States, which is slowly turning into the epicenter of the Coronavirus crisis, says it is “considering all options to assist U.S. citizens in the Democratic Republic of Congo.”

“We are compiling a list of persons seeking to leave DRC,” said the U.S. Embassy told its citizens in DRC’s capital, Kinshasa, adding, “If you would be interested in options to leave, please visit our website on COVID-19…”

The United States has more than more than 46,500 confirmed cases with nearly 600 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University data.

New York State Monday saw an increase of more than 4,000 confirmed cases since Sunday, as the total number of cases is approaching 21,000.

The government of the DRC has since declared a State of Emergency effective March 24 to limit the spread of COVID-19.

All domestic passenger flights between Kinshasa and the provinces are suspended.

The suspension of international passenger flights remains in effect.

All road and river transport between Kinshasa and the provinces are suspended for passenger traffic.


Goods transport will continue with control checkpoints at Kinshasa city limits.

DRC National Police and military are patrolling to ensure the new rules are followed.

Schools and universities remain closed, sporting events and gatherings larger than 20 people are banned, bars and restaurants are closed until further notice and non-food stores in Kinshasa were ordered closed.

At least one person out of 49 confirmed cases of Coronavirus has died in DRC.

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