Coronavirus: U.S. Enables Citizens to Leave Uganda

The United States has started helping its citizens to leave Uganda due to Coronavirus, Chimp Corps report.

Government of Uganda this past week announced the closure of Entebbe International Airport effective at 12:00 a.m. March 23 (midnight the night of March 22), as well as the closure of all land borders.

This was after the first confirmed case of COVID-19 was reported in the country.

The U.S. Embassy in Kampala said in a statement on Sunday that it had “confirmed availability of seats on a commercial flight with Qatar Airways from Entebbe to Doha, Qatar on Wednesday, March 25 at a time to be determined by the airline.”

The U.S citizens were told to contact Qatar Airways at their Uganda call center at +256 417 800 900 to express interest in this flight.

“This is not a U.S. government operated or funded flight.  Availability and cancellations are controlled by Qatar Airways,” said the Embassy, adding, “Currently, this is the only remaining way to exit Uganda after March 22.”

The Mission also clarified that “the U.S. government is not evacuating U.S. citizens from Uganda.”

President Museveni this past weekend said no individual will be allowed to enter or depart Uganda by air, land, or water except for specific cargo vehicles which must follow strict Ministry of Health procedures.


The U.S. mission in Kampala said while an additional flight may be added depending on demand, at this time this is the only flight available.

“If you need to leave Uganda, consider contacting Qatar Airways as soon as possible about this flight. The U.S. Embassy in Uganda is making this flight information available to potentially interested U.S. citizens and is liaising with the Ugandan government to allow the plane to land at and depart from Entebbe International Airport.”

Only one case of Coronavirus has been reported in Uganda since the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) was declared a public health emergency of international concern on January 30, 2020.

The coronavirus COVID-19 is affecting 192 countries and territories around the world.

Further, the Ugandan Ministry of Health confirmed the first case of COVID-19 in Entebbe, Uganda on March 21, 2020.

The Department of State has issued a Global Level 4 Health Advisory for COVID-19.

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