Coronavirus: IGP Ochola Deploys at Border Entry Points as Foreigners Resort to Road Transport

The Inspector General of Police Okoth Martin Ochola has ordered security deployment at all entry border points into the country as coronavirus pandemic spreads though the region.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga Enanga revealed yesterday that the IGP ordered for establishment of an emergency police monitoring unit to ensure no foreigner enters the country without being screened for the deadly Covid-19 which has been declared a pandemic across the world.

In the meantime, the Police directorate of health services came up with materials that are to be distributed to all units countrywide on how the disease is spread, signs and symptoms and most importantly how officers can guard against any infection.

For instance, at Naguru police headquarters, authorities have set up an isolation centre which currently operates as a medical clinic to respond to any cases that may be reported from officers working within the premises.

This clinic is located at the ground level on the right wing of the security facility in a space which was previously occupied by the revenue office which has now been shifted to the first floor.

It is equipped with all medical equipment and medics ready to handle any cases

At the access points of the premises, sanitizers have been put in place and whoever is visiting the facility is encouraged to wash hands before.

“We shall also have a response team at our police health services in Nsambya, so that if at all there is any case involving a police officer or members of their families, they are in position to respond quicker and we are working closely with the Ministry of health and other partners to monitor the borders,” Enanga said


Police said that this action has been done after getting intelligence that a number of travellers to Uganda including foreigners who ply their businesses and trade within the country and had gone on holiday or business trips were avoiding coming through Entebbe airport and using neighbouring countries like S. Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania and could find their way through gazzeted and ungazetted areas by road.

These according to the law enforcement body are travellers from Europe, China and other parts of the world.

“Prevailing intelligence indicates that they are avoiding the rigorous procedure at Entebbe airport so they prefer travelling by road from the neighbouring countries,” Enanga pointed out

It is said that the monitoring teams also have a duty to promote awareness amongst the public.

It has also been noted that some people have not internalized the threat of the pandemic basing on the behaviour that was exhibited in an incident of a suspected case in which people were seen running towards a suspected victim of the deadly virus in Kampala.

Meanwhile, the officers have also been made to monitor themselves to ensure no one comes in contact with the virus.

“Other contingency plans are also still underway,” the spokesperson added

So far three East African countries have declared cases of the virus with atleast more than two victims reported.

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