Coronavirus: IDI Trains DTB Staff on Safe Operation Approaches

Doctors from the Infectious Diseases Institute have Tuesday March 17 carried out a training where they sensitized staff of Diamond Trust Bank (U) Ltd on how to stay safe and take preventative measures to avoid contracting the Corona Virus.

With World Health Organisation (WHO) recently declaring corona virus a global pandemic, DTB has taken a proactive approach of sensitizing its customers through this CoronaVirus awareness session.

Ministry of Health has also issued guidelines on how to stay safe with the primary instruction being avoiding crowded places, shaking hands and washing of hands with soap.

To support these guidelines, Diamond Trust Bank is embarking on training its staff and customers on how to stay safe whilst handling money and interfacing with others.

Thambi Vargehese, Diamond Trust Bank CEO, noted that we should be vigilant and heed to the advice of the authorities such that we can prevent and protect ourselves from the virus.

According to one of the representatives from the Infectious Diseases Institute, Dr. Paul Buyego, World Health Organization on the March 11, declared Corona Virus (COVID-19) a pandemic. As of yesterday over 15,000 cases had been reported.

The Infectious Diseases Institute usually assess institutions like banks since large numbers access these places and during these assessments, staff are trained on how to deal with their clients and stay safe.


It was noted that hand washing and sanitizing is the most advised preventive measure each and every one should adhere to. Masks are encouraged to be used by those that are sick to prevent them from spreading the infection.

Gloves are useful, however, those using them should also note that they aren’t safe until they wash their hands as well.

The signs and symptoms of the virus were mentioned ranging from cough, flu to severe respiratory diseases that lead to death. Those with flu symptoms were advised to stay home in isolation to avoid the spread of the disease to those that aren’t infected yet.

Dr. Elizabeth Katwesigye, a Senior Technical Trainer; Physican from the Infectious Diseases Institute, re-emphasized that hand hygiene is the most effective preventative measure especially for those that work in areas that have super spreaders like ATM machines, laptops, cell phones among others.

In the case that one doesn’t have access to water and soap, a hand sanitizer with alcohol of 65% and above were encouraged and a demonstration on how to properly sanitize was done.

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