Coronavirus: Government Issues Guidelines for Event Organisers

The Ministry of Health has issued guidelines that must be followed by all organizers of events in a bid to contain Coronavirus (COVID 19) disease.

Minister Jane Ruth Aceng told reporters in Kampala on Friday that the guidelines are additional measures put in place by the Ministry to contain the deadly incurable disease.

“The organisers of mass gatherings must ensure that hand washing facilities or alcohol based sanitisers and temperature screening materials are available at the venue entry points for purposes of screening of people coming to attend the gatherings,” said Minister Aceng.

Regarding the forthcoming coronation of the 9th Archbishop of the Church of Uganda slated for this Sunday 3rd March 2020, Aceng said the ministry is adequately prepared with necessary measures.

“Everyone who is going for this enthronement will undergo screening and there are hand sanitizers available for everyone. We shall also be distributing leaflets on the Dos and Don’ts and we shall have some health personnel take people through the Dos and Don’ts as they arrive,” she said.

However, on whether Government will send money to Ugandan students quarantined in Wuhan, China (the epicentre of the Coronavirus), Aceng said this is a responsibility of Ministry of Education.

Earlier this month, Aceng told Parliament that Government would send about 220 million shillings to Ugandan students quarantined in China for upkeep.

She however today went back on her words and said that she was only making a statement on behalf of Government.


“Students on study abroad are the responsibility of the Ministry of Education. I only made that statement on behalf of Government and the fact that it is the health sector that deals with Coronavirus,” she said.

Minister Aceng also made it clear that there are no evacuation plans for these students.

“You will be aware that there are over 47 countries that are affected; so it is no longer only China. South Korea currently has over 2022 cases, Italy has so many cases, Iran has a number of cases.”

“So if you are talking about evacuation, are we going to evacuate from all counties? I am not aware of the Chinese Government requesting us to evacuate. To the contrary, I have a letter from the ambassador (Chinese ambassador to Uganda) reassuring us of how well they are taking care of our Ugandan students” she added.

Yesterday, parents whose children are trapped in China expressed their disappointment in Government over failure to evacuate their children and also refusing to send them money for upkeep.

The Coronavirus was first declared in China and so far 47 countries across the world are affected.

In Africa, the cases have been reported in Egypt, Nigeria and Algeria.

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