Convict Kamoga – State Urges Court

The lead prosecutor in the terrorism case before the International Crimes Division Lino Anguzu has asked the three Judges of this court to convict the former Tabliq group leader Sheikh Yunus Kamoga and 14 others who are accused of murdering their fellow Muslim leaders.

Anguzo based this call on the unchallenged evidence they produced in court. The accused persons opted for silence as their defense

The evidence among others pointed out that the suspects organized meetings in various parts of the country, printed out fliers with names of the people they wanted dead and were involved in religious misunderstandings with almost all the people who were murdered.

Defense counsels led by Fred Muwema however, asked court to set their clients free on grounds that there is no direct evidence showing their participation in crimes of Terroism, murder and attempted murder plotted against them.

These added that a part from Sheikh Mustafa Bahiga who was murdered in December 2014, other murders were executed when the accused were already in custody.

The judges set Thursday 6th July to summarize the prosecution’s evidence in this matter to the three court assessors who have been closely following this matter ever since it started

Assessors are lay people with no legal knowledge who listen to the case to the case from the beginning to the end and the judge’s summary of evidence before coming up with their opinion or whether to convict or acquit the accused persons

The Assessors’ opinion is unbinding because the judge may decide to go with it or to base the judgement on other grounds as found relevant.

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