Controversy As Kenzo Replies To Sheikh Muzaata’s Mean Comments


Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata’s comments to Eddy Kenzo made at Rema Namakula’s Kukyala held Wednesday this week in Naguru, are making rounds on social media.

Muzaata attacked Singer Eddy Kenzo for having wasted Rema’s time by not committing himself.

In Muzaata’s message, he described Kenzo as ‘a love nigger, Ssemyekozo,’ some of the words from one of Rema’s songs ‘Gutujja’ which literally mean unserious man in love with a lady.

While speaking at the ceremony, Muzaata described Rema as a humble lady who has never been engaged in any immoral acts ever since she joined the music industry at an early age.

Muzaata accused Kenzo of wasting Rema’s time in unending courtship, pretending to study her more since he was told that before settling with someone, it’s important to get to understand their ways very well.

Muzaata in his message said, “Genda owasse nnyoko.” literally meaning Kenzo should go and marry his mother.

After getting the message, Kenzo in retaliation posted a video on his Facebook page blaming Muzaata for always attacking him.


According to the ‘Stamina’ hitmaker, this specific attack was his worst as it was done at the presence of his daughter Aamal who was with Rema at the event.

Kenzo pointed out that he is in such situation where Muzaata sees him because his mother passed away some 20 years back but if that was not the case, maybe he could have been better than he is today.

“I don’t think that was her(Aamal) good day today and she will never forget about you. I thank you Mr Muzaata,” he said.

The post has so far met different reactions from social media users, with many attacking Muzaata for demining Kenzo whom they say has been taking good care Rema for many years.

The singers who have been in a relationship for over 5 years now, have on several occasions faced challenges in their relationship but have been holding onto each other with the hope that the bad could get better until Ssebunya came into the picture.


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