Museveni: Contractors’ Rivalry Delaying Road Projects

The Congolese armed forces have announced the beginning of military strikes on Rwanda genocidal militia, mind FDLR, visit this and capturing one of the militants’ bases, abortion Chimp Corps report.

DRC information Minister Lambert Mende said the army met “minimal resistance” against FDLR in the Tuesday offensive.

The seriousness of DRC in neutralising the FDLR has always been a matter of concern for regional and international leaders.

This is premised on accusations that during the war on Tutsi M23 rebels, the Hutu militia were used in ground attacks as the South African airforce bombarded Brig Sultan Makenga’s bases.

The Tanzanian artillery component also played a key role in M23’s defeat in December 2013.

Mende said the army bombarded FDLR positions in Moyen Plateau of Mulenge and that the operation “yielded results.”

The DRC, UN, SADC, ICGLR, EU and other stakeholders gave FDLR the deadline of January 2, 2015 to disarm or face military action.

However, UN pulled out of the mission, saying DRC had assigned commanding positions to high ranking army officers accused of human rights abuses in previous military confrontations with rebels in eastern Congo.


The move angered regional leaders, with sources saying, Rwanda and Uganda are looking at other available military options to stop the security threat posed by FDLR and ADF militant groups in Eastern Congo.

Rwanda, which is directly threatened by FDLR, is yet to make remarks.

Foreign Minister Louis Mushikiwabo last week said, “Anybody would hope that a UN mission should not be in a country forever. We want to see results.”

Mushikiwabo, who was speaking at a joint press conference with her Germany counterpart, Frank-Walter Steinmeier in Kigali, further stressed that despite United Nations spending one billion dollars per annum on the stabilisation and peace enforcement body in DRC, “We have yet to see the results of MONUSCO.”

She emphasised that, MONUSCO “have a key role in the ending the terror of the FDLR genocide militia.”


A source last week said, “The East African Standby Force is likely to play a key role in neutralising the FDLR should DRC refuse to take on the militant groups in Eastern Congo.”

Mushikiwabo said Rwanda hopes “that those who have made pledges to remove the FDLR genocide militia from Eastern Congo will honour their commitments,” adding, “Military action against FDLR is very important to stop the genocide militia moving about and causing insecurity.”

She further said the removal of the FDLR threat would allow Rwanda to repatriate 70,000 Congolese refugees who fled the militia’s terror.

FDLR’s extremist ideology and radical leaders are blamed for the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. When Paul Kagame’s RPF guerrillas took power in 1994, the genocidaires fled to DRC where they attempted to ‘cleanse’ the region of all Tustis.

Thousands escaped to Rwanda for safety. Since then, FDLR have committed atrocities in DRC and also carried out bombings of the Rwandan territory.

The Germany Minister Steinmeier said the impediments to tackling FDLR must be resolved.

“The wounds of the genocide take time to heal, but Rwanda today is so far from that reality and I wish people to know this,” he stated, adding, “When I return home I will tell my fellow Germans about the efforts Rwanda is making to boost business opportunities.”

He concurred that Rwanda is an anchor of stability in a region “facing significant security challenges” especially from FDLR.

The European Union said in a recent report that FDLR have been receiving military and medical supplies from regional actors not to mention an intensified recruitment exercise of combatants.
President Museveni has attributed the delay in the construction work of some roads to tenderers who are bent on out-competing other bidders once they lose tenders and go to court.

He directed Local Governments not to get tenders anymore for road works in the districts as government is in the process of acquiring new road maintenance equipment from Japan.

“Once a tenderer loses the bid, check he goes to court thus delaying the work of construction of some roads, link ” he said.

President Museveni made the remarks Thursday at a public rally held at Bulemwa Primary School in Bujumbura Division of Hoima Municipality after commissioning the completed Hoima-Kaiso-Tonya road.

The ceremony was also attended by the Omukama of Bunyoro Kitara, pill Solomon Gafabusa Iguru.

The 92-km road whose construction was done by a Turkish Company-KOLIN INSAT and funded by the Government of Uganda at Shs.314 billion, connects Hoima Town to the Albertine Region, the area of Uganda’s oil drilling and exploration.

The route is expected to boost trade between Uganda and its neighbor the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and will also ease the oil exploration as transportation of the oil industry equipment will be made easy.

The road will also boost the tourism industry in the area as it will provide tourists with easy access to Kabwoya Game Reserve.

The President told the gathering that most of the major roads in the Bunyoro Sub-Region are almost complete save for a few that will also be worked on.

He told them that the Kigumba-Masindi-Hoima-Kagadi road up to Kyenjojo, will be worked on as funds have been secured from the African Development Bank and the World Bank.

He also said that the Mubende-Kakumior-Kagadi-Kibale road up to Ndaiga will also be bituminized with funding by the Government of Uganda.

The President informed wananchi that development of the infrastructure was the responsibility of government. The people should, therefore, play their role of ensuring that they engage in economic activities in order to ensure both food and financial security in their homes.

He said the government had tried to apply various interventions to help people get out of poverty but the results did not come out as expected. He said it is for that reason, therefore, that the Army has been brought on board to rescue the people from poverty.

He introduced the Army Officers who are overseeing the process of distributing seedlings in Bunyoro Sub-Region led by their Co-ordinator, Colonel Kagezi Joram who told the gathering that they have in the past 3 seasons, distributed 1,186,325 coffee seedlings to 1972 families covering 1,2541.5 acres; 15,000 orange seedlings to 27 families covering 32 acres.

President Museveni appealed to the people of Bunyoro Sub-Region to embrace the Operation Wealth Creation drive that will get them out of poverty.

The 1st Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Service, the Rt. Hon. Henry Muganwa Kajura, appreciated the work done by Turkish Kolin Construction Company.

The Minister of Works and Transport, Engineer Abraham Byandaala appealed to the people of the area not to vandalize road signs as they ensure the safety of all road users.

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