Congo Opposition Vow To Continue Street Protests

Protests against Joseph Kabila’s presidency are set to continue despite violent crackdown in the past by the security forces.

Opposition politicians and activists in the Democratic Republic of Congo have pledged to defy repression and step up their protests as the troubled country edges towards elections that have been promised by the president, Joseph Kabila, later this year.

President Kabila’s term ended back in 2016 and the country has not held an election since. Early 2018 Church leaders led campaigns calling for the president to step down.

The DRC has been hit by a series of rebellions and outbreaks of communal violence in recent months, with some observers raising concerns of a slide into anarchy which could destabilise much of the region.

In the past, eastern Congo has been a haven for very many rebel groups which threaten the security of neighboring Uganda and Rwanda.

Kabila, who took power in 2001 after his father was assassinated, ignored the end of his second five year term in 2016. Aides have said the 46-year-old will not stand again at polls scheduled for December.

Adopted from The Guardian

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