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Confusion as NRM Ballot Papers Capture Independent Candidate

For centuries, unhealthy http://childrensclasses.org/wp2012/wp-includes/class-wp-text-diff-renderer-table.php sports have been a special component of educational curriculum across the world.

For example, medical http://darkriver.net/wp-includes/class-wp-walker.php during the Greek civilization, approved http://communique-de-presse-gratuit.com/wp-content/plugins/imagemanager/newfolder.php gymnastics and martial arts were at the centre of the education process.

This served the purpose of talent identification and promoting physical fitness.

Despite being a haven of Academics, philosophy, science, culture, poetry and arts, Athens was popular in sports and games – traditions till visible in Olympic Games.

To the fast-growing Victoria University in Kampala, sports are an inalienable element for the students’ physical health, mental agility and creation of personalities.

In is against this background that Victoria University held its inaugural Inter-High School Championships under its High-Tech Faculty of Health Sciences at Kampala Parents School this past Saturday.

The university has since won praise for focusing on marketable courses which include Oil and Gas, Science in Public Health, Human Nutrition and Dietetics (BHND), Nursing Sciences, Midwifery Science and Environments Health Sciences.

Dr. Patience Muwanguzi PhD, the Dean Faculty of Health Sciences says, “Through our Faculty of Health Sciences approach and initiatives, we teach Ugandan students to practice teamwork, to pursue academic success, to be a good sport, to value individual and team progress and to develop good personal health habits.”


She says one of the objectives of the Inter-High school Championships was to introduce students to a variety of games and sports while “reinforcing the core elements of fitness that lead to a long, healthy, active life.”


Experts say classroom stuff on its own can only create bookworms yet sports give birth to discipline, team work, courage and a sportsman like spirit to accept both victory and defeat with grace and honour.

Oscar Kamukama, the Marketing and Recruitment Specialist at the institution says with the conclusion of Victoria University Sports Season 1, the country should expect a thrilling Season 2.

He says Season 2 will seek to create, promote and foster cooperation among High Schools and Colleges by providing a forum for communication and discussion and extending each member school’s programs.

He said this will be through academic and intellectual pursuits; sports competitions; arts activities and intercultural engagements.

Kamukama maintains that promoting lifelong healthy habits and physical well-being among Uganda’s High school students is one of the top priorities at Victoria University.

“Victoria University has a very strong Faculty of Health Sciences that has a strong physical education program that promotes a healthy lifestyle among students and prepares them for a lifetime of fun and fulfilment through physical activity,” he observes.

Through Student/Child Centred games (physical, cognitive and emotional domains), students enhanced their understanding of how to live a healthy life
Through Student/Child Centred games (physical, cognitive and emotional domains), students enhanced their understanding of how to live a healthy life

“The main goal of the Inter High school Championships is to enhance the physical and emotional development of all athletes, in a positive environment, through competition, team- work, sportsmanship and fair play.”

The Inter – schools sports activity saw students compete in swimming, basketball and soccer.

Kamukama tells ChimpReports that Victoria University believes in the development of each student through academic, athletic and artistic/cultural endeavours.

“At Victoria University we believe that High school students should experience the benefits of health and wellness through sport, fitness activities, and structured play. Through competitive team sports, individual sports, fitness programs, and playground games, Victoria University strives to help students grow emotionally, mentally and physically through our integrated approach to sport and health and wellness,” he assures.


Over 550 students were actively involved in the Championship Games, a High School run activity focused on developing the five dimensions of health -social, physical, intellectual, environmental and emotional well-being.

Through Student/Child Centred games (physical, cognitive and emotional domains), students enhanced their understanding of how to live a healthy life.

Attended by principals, career teachers, parents and members of the community, the University Inter-High School Championships created a sense of competition and the courage to excel and move forward.

By showing concern to the overall growth and development of human personality, Victoria University is distinguishing itself from the rest with students now waiting for the arrival of the 2016 festive event with zeal and zest.


Overall Winners:                            Hana Mixed High School –VU CHAMPIONS

Winners Soccer:                 Turkish Light Academy Lweza

Winners Swimming:                     Hana Mixed High School

Winners Basket Ball:                      Hana Mixed High School

Schools Participating: Turkish Light Academy, Taibah High School, Kabojja International Schools, Rainbow International School, Word of Life International, British International School, Diplomatic School of Uganda & Kampala International School.
Hours to Wednesday’s primaries, malady http://crunchydomesticgoddess.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/random-redirect.php National Resistance Movement election organizers in the southern Kabale district are puzzled after receiving ballot papers bearing a candidate that is out of the race.

The ballot papers for the Kabale Woman MP seat, doctor which arrived this afternoon from the headquarters in Kampala capture an independent candidate Rita Rona Ninsiima.

When contacted, http://ctabuenosaires.org.ar/wp-admin/includes/user.php Ninsiima told us that she had conformed to the party that she was out of the race and would be coming on an independent ticket in next year’s general elections.

She said she was surprised by the mistake and mentioned that the party secretariat has itself to blame.

Some of the candidates staring confused at the torn ballot paper parcels
Some of the candidates staring confused at the torn ballot paper parcels

Meanwhile in Rukiga County, it was discovered that election materials of 12 villages arrived with their parcels open, and on counting them, they were fewer than the number inscribed on the parcel.

This sparked a bitter exchange between one of the area MP aspirants Edmund Atusasiire with the Kabale district NRM registrar Maurice Keitaba.

He demanded that all envelopes are opened and the ballot papers for the rest of the sub counties recounted.

The ballot papers for the Kabale mayoral seat that is being contested between Paul Birungi and Johnson Kyomukama were missing.

Commenting on these incidents, the district registrar Keitaba said he had communicated with the secretariat in Kampala about the mistakes.

He further warned that votes cast for Rona Nimusiima who was mistakenly included on the ballot paper will be counted invalid.

As the tension boiled at the part offices, the Kabale district internal security officer Robert Nabimanya ordered police and the UPDF officers to throw some candidates’ agents and journalists out.


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