CONFIRMED: Chris Obore Forced out of Parliament

Parliament has forced out its Communications and Public Affairs Director, Chris Obore to take accumulated “missed” leave of five years.

ChimpReports has learned that on Friday Sergeant at Arms Department, which is in charge of Parliament premises, changed the locks of Obore’s office.

“Today we reached here and found out that the office lock has been changed,” said a source.  

The changing of the lock according to verified information came two days after the Clerk to Parliament, Jane Kibirge wrote to Obore to go for accumulated leave of 5 years.

“The Clerk wrote to Communications Director on Wednesday saying she has been directed to instruct him to go on accumulated leave,” said a senior knowledgeable source.

We have also learned that Obore’s lawyers replied to the Clerk challenging the decision saying it is against the Public Service Standing Orders to give a public servant leave when he or she has not applied for it.

“His (Obore) lawyers argued that a public servant who doesn’t apply for a leave in a given calendar year forfeits it,” said another source.

Also the same standing orders doesn’t allow for someone to take leave of missed years in the current year.

In April, Obore was ordered to vacate office after a letter from the Inspector General of Government allegedly found out that he was irregularly recruited by Parliamentary Commission in 2015.

Clerk to Parliament first wrote to Mr. Obore on March 19th 2019 to vacate office or defend himself in 15 working days which was to expire on April 5, 2019.

IGG had written to Parliament a day before on March 18th 2019 recommending for the termination of Obore’s contract. 

Obore’s troubled stemmed from a whistle blower letter to the IGG on the alleged irregular recruitment.

It is said that originally, Parliament wanted a director with master’s degree. Later, Commission revised its minutes and invited applicants with bachelors. Obore went through and got the job.

Whistle blower stated that Commission didn’t publicly advertise after revising its minutes but simply invited applicants individually.

Obore through the Nakasero based Kampala Associated Advocates challenged the decision in court.

In his affidavit, Obore said his contract is being unlawfully terminated and therefore wanted to secure a court injunction before the main application was heard. Obore successfully secured the injunction.

It remains unclear the source or concern of the new letter from the IGG. Also yet to be known is the person who directed the Clerk to send Obore for accumulated leave.

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