CONFESSION: How I was Sucked Into Kabamba Attack Plot

State prosecution in a case where fourteen people are facing treason charges  in  Makindye General Court martial has today Thursday produced a second witness, advice there Sgt. Stephen Gaka 38yrs, generic who has served in UPDF ever since 1998.

Sgt Gaka claims that he was sucked into a plot that culminated in the foiled assault on the Kabamba Barracks in May last year.

A group of UPDF soldiers, 14 of whom are in jail, hatched the attack on the Armored Warfare Training School in Mubende with a suspected aim of acquiring arms to start a guerilla war against government from the central region.

In his testimony Sgt Gaka informed court that he was taken to Nairobi by one of the suspects known a one Capt Alupere where they engaged in number of meetings with other colleagues with the aim of using force to overthrow the government.


“I met Lt Alupere in Masaka Saza Ground on my leave, and he introduced to a deal that’d change my life. He asked me to travel with him to Nairobi where we would strike a deal.

At the meeting point where we would leave for Kampala, I found another soldier who turned out to be Lt Col Phillip Frank Iguma, head of the group, and that’s when I started becoming suspicious. Alupere asked me to remain calm as so we proceeded with the trip to Kampala through to Nairobi.

We traveled to Nairobi aboard Akamba Coach, and arrived at Christian hotel. We were welcomed by a group of people who extended Christian greetings. I am not so much a Christian and my colleague Alupere I knew was Muslim.


I was directed to a room where I found a shirt that Col Iguma was wearing while we were in Kampala. I proceeded for s shower and waited to be briefed.

Outside the building I noticed in a big group of people gathering in a smaller building structure.

When I went there with Alupere, I realized that my presence surprised most of them. A lady asked me to hang around for a moment. Capt Alupere had cautioned me not to say a word about my background and at the same time, that is should not address him as Capt Alupere but as Innocent.
Meanwhile in the small house there was a meeting chaired by one Magimbi and many other members some of whom are here in the dock including Peter Kibirige alias Obama, Nduga Musaazi alias Nama and Sekajja Kenneth.

Some of the accused in court
Some of the accused in court

Capt Alupere read the agenda which was saved on his mobile phone and after the chairman asked members how far they had reached with their plans.
Alupere advised members that it could be better if the mission was finalized before 4th Feb 2014.

This he said was possible provided they used the little they had sparingly.

The Chairman reminded the meeting about rumors that the civil servants [including UPDF] salaries would be delayed and that that would be a good point to start from.
Later after the meeting, we converged again in a big hall where everybody introduced themselves and that’s how I got to meet other members like Mzee Mukiibi, and Hajjat Mumbejja Muzimule.

When it was my turn to introduce myself, Alupere didn’t allow me to speak, and surprisingly he introduced me as a high ranking UPDF officer, yet I was his junior.

In the meeting various resolutions were taken including setting up various committees and people were assigned duties on those committees.

Peter Kibirige was elected chairman finance committee, while Nduga Musaazi was to head planning.

Alupere, who had brought the idea of acquiring fire arms, was tasked with recruiting new members.

In the meeting Hajjati Muzimule said that she was ready to recruit all her sons and that it was not her first time to be arrested.

She called upon all members to do the same and whoever reported this plan would be killed together with their whole family.

The Chairman gave out envelopes to each of the members in the meeting each containing 100 US dollars.

Being new, I had not received until they realized that someone was missing and so took their share.

Col Iguma advised that due to security reasons nobody was to cross with that envelope back to Uganda.

We were also to use different buses on the way back to avoid suspicion, and so we returned in different groups.

Again I came back in the same bus with Alupere and headed straight to Singo Military School

One day while I was outside, Captain Alupere called me as I was heading to class that he was outside the gate of the school, and wanted to see me.

He told me that he was badly off financially and that he needed a sub machine gun 12.7mm, which can shoot aircraft.

I advised him to join me and we go to Somalia for peace keeping, and he asked me whether my life was more important than his wife who he apparently had shot. He told me he could easily eliminate me and my family…”

The fourteen who are accused of attacking the barracks include Lt Phillip  Iguma, Pte Kenneth Sekajja, Capt Halman Ba.Lt Ronald Mwavu, Sgt Nduga Musaazi,Nassim Namuzimule, Marvin semwogere Kato, John Lumala Salongo. Patrick Kibuuka,Solomon Matovu,Herbert Biyimbwa, Ali Mukiibi and Francis Kiwanuka.

The case has been adjourned to 24th February for further hearing and cross examination of the witness



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