Condemn Museveni As Well – FDC Asks Police

Forum for Democratic Change have asked the Uganda Police to always weigh in on the undoing of all the opposition parties as well as the National Resistance Movement [NRM]  in equal measure.

The opposition party chairman Wasswa Biriggwa condemned in Monday statement, about it information pills http://chimpreports.com/elections/wp-content/plugins/disqus-comment-system/comments.php the “unexplained arresting and in some cases disappearance of some opposition supporters” in the ongoing campaigns.

He stated with concern, http://dailyampersand.com/wp-content/plugins/the-events-calendar/src/deprecated/tribe_events_day_template.php however that such arrests have not been witnessed in the ruling party’ camp, http://circleofliferediscovery.com/blog/wp-includes/class-phpmailer.php despite being cited numerously in violence against other parties.

The FDC chairman questioned police’s silence on what he termed as President Museveni’s comments aimed at intimidating his opponents during his rallies.

“In December, while campaigning in Namutumba he said he cannot leave the oil money to other people and that he would rather go to the bush. That in itself is an intimidating remark, and a well calculated one at that, aimed at causing despondency among the population,” said Biriggwa.

“The police have been quick to condemn Dr Besigye’s defiance campaign but when Museveni makes remarks that could be criminal in nature, they look the other way. We believe that the police, together with the army are being complicit in abetting this crime.”

The FDC chairman also accused the Uganda People’s Defense Forces of joining hands with the police to harass the opposition politicians especially in the countryside.

He cited on of their own coordinators in Kiruhura district Senate Karoota Kakwebe, who allegedly has been in hiding for his life because UPDF soldiers.


“As he will tell you, a certain Major Alice Kukundakwe vandalized our offices carrying away our files and plucked down Dr Besigye’s posters. This case was reported to the Kaguta Rd police detach for criminal trespass and threatening violence (DDB Ref 05/06/01/2016). Instead of the police carrying out inquiries, the guns were literally turned on Senate Karoota Kakwebe. He has had to flee his home because he is a wanted man for reporting a case. There are hundreds of such stories countrywide.”

He added, “But as FDC we despise the methods of intimidation, violence that NRM with the help of the army and police are meting out to our supporters. We shall not look on with folded arms. That is why we shall use our Power 10 structures as well as other volunteers to protect our interests.”

On the arguably flopped Presidential candidates debate which two presidential candidates Yoweri Museveni and Col Dr Kizza Besigye have confirmed non-participation, Mr Biriggwa argued that it was President Museveni to blame.

Museveni announced at the close of last week that he would not be part of the Friday debate due to his campaign schedule in western Uganda. Dr Besigye consequently cancelled his participation on grounds that without Museveni the debate would be pointless.

“For a man who spent five years in the bush, Museveni is such a coward,” said Biriggwa. “Although it comes as no surprise that he ducked out of the planned presidential debate, it is disappointing. It is a clear signal that he has nothing to offer.”

He added, “Museveni feared to be exposed for the spent force he is. The claim by his handlers that he would rather spend the time talking to his voters in the villages, is weak. To claim that his support is in the countryside is a fallacy that he has perpetuated over the years. The fact is Museveni cannot debate. He fears to be challenged. It is also a slap in the face to the prominent members of society who put in their time and resources to ensure that the debate happens.”

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