Compliance to Presidential Directives Is Relatively Good – Jeje Odongo

The Minister of Internal Affairs Gen Jeje Odongo has said Ugandans have relatively complied with 35 directives by President Museveni in an effort to contain the spread of the COVID 19 pandemic.

Minister Jeje while speaking to journalists on Thursday ranked the compliance as follows.

On Closure of education institutions, Jeje said there has been 100% compliance.

Discouraging hexagonal extravagant style weddings was also awarded 100%.

Allowing ambulances, Army vehicles and other security vehicles, garbage collection trucks to continue moving 100%.

Allowing essential services like medical, agriculture veterinary to continue moving 100%.

Supermarkets observance of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) such as hand washing facilities, sanitizers, no overcrowding 100%.

Suspension of gatherings in Churches and Mosques, Jeje said 85% have complied. This he said is because there were incidents of noncompliance where homes were turned into Churches.


On political rallies, politicians not distributing food, or holding conferences; the Minister said 95% complied. This he said is because incidents of politicians attempting to distribute food were registered.

Compliance to burial attendances he said was at 85% since in some rural areas it has not been adhered to.

Suspension of weekly markets; 85% complied. Cattle markets have complied but border and some rural markets have not completely adhered to.

Suspension of bars, discos, musical shows, 95% complied but some people turned their residences into bars.

Stopping passengers from entering Uganda either by air, water or land; 90% complied. This the Minister said is because people have continued to enter Uganda through ungazetted entry points mainly as a result of Uganda being seen as a safe haven in the region.


Established markets in Kampala and other towns to remain open so as to maintain food availability; only 45% complied to social distancing.

Prohibition of gatherings of more than 5 people; 55% complied. This Minister Jeje said is due to abuse of power of RDCs and forgery.

Government vehicles to be surrendered to help in emergencies and to be managed by District Health Officers (DHOs); 55% complied. This is because some Government officials refused to hand over their vehicles.

Allowing Ugandans to returning to the country but under mandatory quarantine; 60% complied. This is due to expensive cost of quarantine.

Good nutrition to strengthen body defense (immunity); 45% complied. This is due to low purchasing power thus there is need to continue sensitization.


People including the elite see containment measures by Government as a punishment.

No social distancing in rural areas because of behavioral and cultural practices.

Since no one has died in Uganda, some Ugandans especially in urban areas say COVID 19 disease is not serious.

Rural people have mistaken that COVID 19 is a disease of aeroplanes since there are no aeroplanes going to villages.

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